Best Google Employee Benefits to Increase Productivity

Working for Google (now Alphabet Inc.) develops a status, but the perks you get with the job sweeten the deal even more. Silicon Valley, known for Google employee's benefit is a dream job for any tech maniac. From highly inspirtational business talks to meeting influential people along with sleeping pods to giving death benefits-Google has it all just for its workers.The co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have surpassed themsevles as the top employers in the world. Definitely according to them; the best way of creating and motivating employees is by their experiences while doing the job.

To get productive resulst completely, employees should feel cheerful beyond working tables and not get stressed about workload.Interestingly, Google seems to have understood it all because everyone including former and present employess have all praises for the company Google which is situated in Mount View, California.

Sleeping Pods – Take Rest

Google Sleeping Pods

Working for a bustling company like Google is not a piece of cake.By the end of the day employees are bound to feel tired and even get lazy at times.But Google has a soultion as always.To remove such problems, Google introduced Sleeping Pods.

Sleep Pods are adjustable helmet-like seats that allows Google employees to take a quick nap before continuing the work.This is how they maintain the Google workers mood.

Free Food – Eat as much as you like!

Google Free Food

What does a man need apart from proper rest? Obviously food and when it is good food that's a counted bonus.Google knows the importance of food and makes sure to introduce free food to their employees and gets back rewarded with honest and hard working people full of new and innovative ideas.

Google offers employees a wide-ranging and epicurean hodgepodge of food options to choose each day. Googlers can choose foods from more than 30 items.

Dogfooding – Test Google Products

Google Dogfooding

Google knows what it means to use technology, so the company applies dogfooding. Dogfooding literally means a sneak peek to future.In the tech community however, it means pre-release testing. For employees, this is an added bonus as they get early OS updates, access to chrome books and new nexus phones. Google uses this concept to know the feedbacks and find out issues regarding their forthcoming products.

Business Talks – Get Inspired

Google Business talk with Barack Obama

Sleeping Pods, Free foods, and Dogfooding are not the only benefits Google employees get; the company often hosts guest talks to engage employees actively at work.

Google is up-raising such talks by inviting US President Barack Obama to TV comedian Conan O’Brien, as everyone has something to express!

Paternity/Maternity Leave

Google Day Care, Maternity Leave

Working in Google does not mean tireless and pressurized tenure. Employees are granted leave acording to their necessities and desires. Not like how Matt Cutts is leaving Google, but leaves are based upon what the situation is.

Google ensures security to those employees who have a newborn baby at home. For new dads, they get up to 6 weeks paid paternity leave; however, new moms get maternity leave up to 18 weeks.

Apart from that, Google also offers affordable day-care option on campus. Also, the special bonus known as ‘baby bonding bonus' covers all the expenses for the baby such as diapers,baby foods, baby prodcuts and almost everything required while fostering a new born.

Dogs Allowed at Work – Play!

Google Dog

Google’s CA headquarters encourages employees to take dogs to work. Well, it is limited to 3 times a week, but this step increases employees’ enthusiasm as we all know that dogs are the most loved pets by human beings.

Google's Parents Day

Google employees get complimented on hiring new workers. Google’s extraordinary ways of hiring people is acclaimed world wide. The most astonishing fact about it though is that Google credits the parents rather than the employees; their way of thanking their loved ones. So, the company organises a thanksgiving program. Each year, the company arranges ‘Bring Your Parents to Work’ through which employees show what they have achieved after joining Google to their parents.

Google Parents Day

Death Benefits

Did you know that if you are a Googler your family still gets benefitted after your demise?Yes that's right. If a Google employee dies, his/her spouse receives half-salary for a period of 10 years.Not just the spouse but even the children get $1000 a month until they turn 19, as an additional benefit for deceased employees’ family.

Google Bus – Ride Along!

Google owns buses that give you free ride from and to work. All buses have Wi-Fi that keep the workers connected with their social life along with staying updated to current affairs.

Massage Credit – Get Massaged

This is one weird concept Google invented. Employees transfer massage credits from one another if the project is done successfully. This allows them to get a free one hour massage after complteing a hectic project.