Bernie Ecclestone thinks women aren't capable of driving fast cars and that they aren't strong enough for F1.

At least that’s what the majority of internet has been chanting ever since Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One chief executive said

“Female F1 drivers 'aren't strong enough' and 'will never be taken seriously'.”

Bernie Ecclestone                                                                                                                          Source: The Guardian                              

According to Mirror UK, Ecclestone made the sexist remark at an Advertising Week Europe conference in London on Sunday, 19th of April.

"I don't know whether a woman would physically be able to drive an F1 car quickly, and they wouldn't be taken seriously," Ecclestone said in London, The Daily Beast reported.

He cast doubt over a growing campaign to welcome women into the sport. Ecclestone, however, is in no mood to put that to the test in the sport that he runs. He cast doubt on their physical ability and appeared to suggest that none of the teams would be willing to give women the chance to prove him wrong.

Apart from the pressures of professional sport, he said he thought women would be able to crack the glass ceiling. Particularly as chief executives in business: “Women are more competent, and they don’t have massive egos,” he said.

In 2015, Ecclestone suggested creating a support race exclusively for female drivers. "For some reason, women are not coming through - and not because we don't want them. Of course, we do because they would attract a lot of attention and publicity and probably a lot of sponsors," he said at the time.

But then again, the same person who in 2005 compared women to the likes of domestic appliances, in his exact words,

"Women should be dressed in white, just like all the other domestic appliances."


People are defending Ecclestone who said in 2005 that "women should be dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances." *SMH*

— Leilani Münter (@LeilaniMunter) April 20, 2016

And as if his sexist remarks was not enough for the day, he also offered his support for Donald Trump, now we’re all aware of Donald’s reputation, saying

"I think he'd be fantastic. Putin would tell him what to do," remarked Ecclestone.

Well, let’s witness the tweets that are burning Ecclestone!