Bernice Burgos Clears Up All Rumors of Dating and Fed Up with Tiny, Know about her affairs

Bernice Burgos is an American, Peurto Rican model who is best known for her fashion sense. The adult glamor has increasing fans worldwide. Bernice has reportedly got in light after she is linked to rapper T.I. Yes, you heard it right. She has been linked to married rapper T.I. recently.

The hip hop model is all over the social media because of the rumors. Let’s know if it’s true.

Bernice Burgos responds to her pass around bitch claims

This month is so tough for Bernice as she is getting stuck in serious shits. Some of the fans claim that she broke the happy marriage between T.I. and Tiny. She was rumored to be dating T.I. Bernice defended herself after Tiny referred to her as a pass around bitch.

Bernice Burgos, Tiny and T.I.


Bernice claims that she and T.I are just friends and there’s more than that. She is fed with Tiny’s reaction. But things went wrong when Bernice indicated that she and T.I. had sex. Bernice said,

“This is 2017. Ain’t nobody gonna is waiting for pussy and waiting to fuck just because I’m getting separated. That’s not true. Ain’t nobody breaking no happy home. Ain’t no none of that. That’s none of my business. I’m there for him. He’s a boss, and I’m a boss.”

Bernice posted some videos and said she would never be a side chick. It is unknown when she started a relationship with T.I. but it must be after Tiny filed for divorce.

T.I. and Tiny


One of Bernice’s friends said that Bernice has always been a hoe and has broken many marriages. Bernice responded to it saying she people need to stop trusting such rumors. She says she has never dealt with a married man. People are just trying to declass her character.


Well, the rumors are just complicating things. She is trying hard to give reasons to all the rumors. Therefore, we should not believe everything people say.

Bernice Burgos past affairs and rumors

Bernice has quite different taste in romance. She is linked with businessman, rapper, and singer before. The hip Hop glamor model first dated Marion Suge Knight who is a business professional. He is also famous for music industry titan in a career.

Bernice was then linked to Drake. We all know Drake has always been very controversial regarding his love life. He is known to be dating many celebrities. In a music video, drake was seen slobbing down on Bernice. Drake was known to visit Bernice in NYC often.

Drake and Bernice


We don’t know exactly how long the couple dated but they were not spotted together after 2015. While it comes to Bernice we must assume who she is dating because she does not reveal all by herself.

Bernice was then rumored to be dating T.I. and that’s what we talked about in the beginning of the article. She has already cleared about her dating rumors with T.I. Her fans are very keen to know who Bernice is dating at the moment.