Ben Platt Met Beyonce and set to leave "Dear Evan Hansen"

October 6, 2017
First Published On: October 6, 2017
by HitBerry

Benjamin Schiff Platt, famous as Ben Platt, he is an American actor who came into the spotlight after appearing in the Broadway musical "Dear Evan Hansen" which helped him win numerous awards that include 2017 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

Here, leaving Ben Platt's Dating Life and Gay rumors behind, we do have something new for you. It's about Ben Platt meeting up with Beyonce Also, get details on Ben Platt leaving "Dear Evan Hansen."

Ben Platt Met Beyonce

Back in September, Queen Beyonce came to see "Dear Evan Hansen" and went to see Ben Platt to his dressing room after a performance of the show. Platt was quite surprised, and Beyonce met the whole cast after the show.

Platt could not hide his happiness and instantly shared her joy on Instagram and Twitter. He also revealed that Beyonce called him an alien. Have a look:

In an interview with Variety, he furthermore added:

The one thing I usually say about her is that I don't understand how she's a human being because she's able to dance full out and sing with such skill and you never feel that she's out of breath

The castmate, Laura Dreyfuss aka Zoe also took Instagram to share her joy and captioned the photo as "I'm not okay."

Ben Platt to leave "Dear Evan Hansen"

On August 15, Ben Platt announced that he would soon be leaving "Dear Evan Hansen" set. The final performance of Platt is scheduled on November 19. He announced the news through his Twitter. Have a look:

His millions of fans were heartbroken and claimed that the news even made them cry. Noah Galvin will replace Ben Platt on the show. Galvin will be filling up the shadows of Platt on the show. Platt even tweeted about it:

Now, sources claim that Platt signed a record deal with "Atlantic Records" and will release his debut album. Platt will soon fulfill his dream of creating original music for his first album.