Ben Platt gay rumors, is it true? If not, who is he dating at present?

HitBerryPublished on   23 Jul, 2017Updated on   23 Jul, 2017

Often when the celebrities news about them dating don't come out in the media, then several rumors spread out like wildfire. Some of the rumors include being gay. Some of them accept it but most of them keep on denying the rumors. Similar case can be seen with an American actor, Ben Platt

Benjamin Schiff Platt aka Benjamin Schiff Platt, recently hit the news of him being homosexual. But still, these rumors seem to be just a rumor. So what is the actual fact about this actor?

Ben Platt rumored to be homosexual

The musical film Pitch Perfect star Ben Platt does the remarkable job with his acting and it took no time for him to gain fame in short period of time. The 24-year-old actor is very secretive about his personal life and there are few records about his dates, as he likes to keep his love life under the shade. This TV show actor has been dragged in the rumors of being homosexual.

Despite being such a renowned face in the Hollywood,  it is very surprising to know Ben never got linked any of his co-stars or mystery girl. Looking at the dating history, of Platt, none of the name pops out. This raised question about the sexuality of 23-year-old actor.

In the rumors of being homosexual, Ben replied a tweet to the  Dear Evan Hansen musician questioning about his sexuality.

However, this rumor is still under the radar, as in 2015 when Platt made a brief appearance in Streep’s Rickie and the Flash, he met Merlyn Streep. And in an interview, he gave a statement praising Streep and his role. It looked it he had a crush on her.

“Shooting the scene with Meryl was one of the craziest days of my professional life.  Because it’s Meryl Streep and you don’t have to do anything at all because she’s incredible, but you want to do absolutely everything because she’s so incredible.”

Wait, we are not proving his sexuality, we are just going with rumors. There are some amazing facts about this actor, but his fans really want to know more about him as he rarely speaks out about his love life.

Ben Platt and his love affairs and relationship

If we surf the internet, there are just handful records about this American actors. Over the past years, the Tony Award winner is rarely spotted with any mystery girl. He might be dating but Ben can be hiding his love life away from the media. As days pass by his fans are eager to know how's he dating in recent days.

Well, the fact is Ben is still in his single. In the hectic life, Platt is more focused on his acting career as he was recently awarded the Tony Award for 'Dear Evan Hansen'. Apart from his TV show career, Ben is focused on his movie career.

IN 2015, he was in the Pitch Perfect 2  movie and now in 2017 Platt is busy with his Drunk Parents project which is under post production.

So, the Dear Evan Hansen star, a busy life can be one of the reasons for not letting him jump into the relationship. But if we take a quick look on his Instagram, you will see dropping pics of him getting pretty comfortable with his friends and co-stars.

As for now, Ben is single. He might be dating but he hasn't made it official yet. We hope in near future Ben speaks more about his personal life.