Ben Fogle talks about the pain of losing a baby after wife Marina delivers a stillborn

July 28, 2015
First Published On: July 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Losing someone you love is difficult, but if that loved one leaves you before making it to the world then it is even more devastating.

Ben Fogle has been through a similar fate. The famous TV presenter lost his unborn son last year and nearly lost his beloved wife as well. The English adventurer’s wife almost died while giving birth to their stillborn son last year.

The writer opened about this heartbreaking event during his appearance on ITV’s This Morning last week.

Ben, who is married to Marina Hunt and has two children, a son Ludovic Herbert Richard Fogle aged five and a daughter Iona aged three said how he almost saw his wife lose her life in the process of giving birth to their stillborn son.

The couple had been expecting their third child together. But unfortunately, at 32 weeks, Marina struggled to give birth and the baby was stillborn.

The 41 year old TV personality said that the painful event left him and his wife traumatized and at complete loss as they lost a son they never saw.

Opening up to This Morning hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, he said: “We lost him at eight months or so, it's incredibly painful because of that very reason - it's someone you nearly met, you dreamed of meeting, you projected what your family would be like, you projected the three children together, you did the nursery, you'd told the children."

“To have that stolen from you is painful in a way that unless you've been through it yourself, you can't understand and that's why we've spoken about it.”

He added: “I think if you're in the public eye like I am… I'm not only going to only show the golden moments of my life because we all suffer highs and lows.”

The pair was hoping to expand their family but unfortunately their dream was shattered by the dreadful complication at the late stage of Marina’s pregnancy.

The mother of two suffered a life-threatening hemorrhage due to an acute placental abruption, which meant, without warning her placenta detached from her uterus and starved the baby of oxygen.

Ben admitted that he would never see his dead son grow. He said that he would not be able to execute any of the plans that he had had for the young one whom they had decided to call Willem  

He also confessed that he was away in Canada preparing to celebrate his granny’s 100th birthday when his wife was hospitalized.

Despite the difficult situation, the parents of two are still very strong and they have decided to make the most of life with their two kids.  

“My wife and I now appreciate our children' he added during his appearance on the ITV morning program.

“We make the most of it, we get outdoors as much as we can!”

Ben and Marina were married in 2006. Besides being a TV presenter, he is also an author, broadcaster and adventurer. His wife is the founder of antenatal courses 'The Bump Class', a pregnancy clinic based in London's South Kensington.

Ben has revealed that the couple is planning to mark the anniversary his birth and death with a private ceremony in an Oxfordshire church, just the two of them and the priest who married them. 

The couple has moved on and they enjoy their personal and professional life together with their kids. Ben is very active on Instagram and Twitter and shares photographs of his adventures frequently.