Be Smart in Replacing Old Roofs, Easy Guide to Reduce the Cost of Roofing

HitBerryPublished on   09 Jul, 2017Updated on   20 May, 2021

Buying an old house comes with different challenges of renovation and the primary one is roofing. So, what does roof mean to you? Roof literally means home, Keeping a roof over your head means having a shelter. We’ve changed a lot from Stone Age to post-modern society, and have seen different forms of shelter.


When it comes to living a quality life, home tops the chart as it is the biggest investment a person can ever make. Modern houses in America costs a big amount of money and isn’t it important to protect your investment? As we all know, buying or building a new house can be pretty expensive but buying older houses and renovating it may save you thousands.

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The average cost of installing new roof prices around $6,600 but there are factors that increase or decrease the cost of roofing according to the roof size, pitch, material used, the number of layers used while roofing, the location you live at, and the list go on.

Decide if you really need a Roof replacement?

Let’s talk about replacing the roof. If you have a leakage problem and are thinking about replacing your old roof with a new one then you should realize that you are about to spend around $6000 to $13000.

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If your roof is leaking in some parts you don’t need to call roofers to replace it at once repair can be an option too as a normal roof probably lasts from 20 to 25 years.

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Is the price high? Well, we have a solution but it costs a lot of time and effort. Instead of buying materials along with services from roofers, you can arrange the material on your own, and choose things that fit your need and buy Roofer’s services only.

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And if you don’t want any hassle and hustle you can call as many roofers and choose the best available option. You and compare prices and products and go with the one that promises the quality material and cheaper services.

How to Reduce Roofing cost?

To reduce cost, you should at first see if the whole roof is leaking or if it’s just some portion. After you analyze it, you can repair the leaked portion only. But if your roof is pretty old then you must consider replacing it completely.

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If buying a whole new roof is just a waste of money you should think about getting plates and a handyman to replace your loose shingles. The cost of the handyman or the generalist is variable. But one thing is pretty sure, the more you have to renovate the more you will be charged with.

If you get a generalist you probably will not have to worry about getting new tools that you need to fix the roof. But fixing it on your own requires both; understanding and tools. And if you are not used to it, even cutting shingles can create a problem.

But, if you are fine with using tools and know the safety measures, then you are good to go. But if you have many extensive leakages then we bear a bad news for you! Your roof needs a complete replacement.

Replacing a roof may cost around $6500 whereas repairing may come around $550, so now it is all on you whether your roof needs a simple fix or if it needs to be replaced.