Behind the Scenes of Julie Christie's Love Affairs: Who Has She Dated?

Julie Christie, a talented British actress, is known for her roles in various movies and TV shows. You might remember her as Madame Rosmerta in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," but her career goes beyond that magical world. She also starred in iconic films like "Doctor Zhivago," "Fahrenheit 451," and "Away from Her." 

Christie, who is married to Duncan Campbell, has had a colorful love life in the past. Before her marriage to Duncan, she was famously involved with the renowned actor Warren Beatty. Let's take a deep dive into the actress's love life.

In A Married Relationship With Duncan Campbell

Julie Christie and Duncan Campbell, a loving married couple, chose to keep their wedding a private affair. They exchanged their vows on January 26, 2008, in a quiet and intimate ceremony that they preferred to keep out of the public eye. It wasn't until two months after their special day that the news of their marriage became known, thanks to her brother, Clive Christie, who confirmed the happy union. 

DuncanJulie Christie with her husband, Duncan Campbell SOURCE: Pinterest

Julie and Duncan decided to tie the knot in India, which holds a special place in the actress's heart as her birth country. This choice added a beautiful and meaningful layer to their marriage journey. By choosing India as their wedding destination, they not only celebrated their love for each other but also honored her roots and heritage. 

Campbell and Christie's love story is a beautiful tale of enduring commitment. They shared their lives for almost three decades, starting in 1979 and eventually tying the knot in 2008. Their long journey of living together before marriage speaks to the depth of their connection and the strength of their relationship. 

A Bit About Christie's Husband Campbell

Duncan Campbell is a versatile and accomplished self-journalist and writer. He has lent his talents to some esteemed publications and media outlets over the years, including The Guardian, London Daily News, City Limits, Time Out, and LBC radio. His career has been marked by a dedication to storytelling and reporting on various topics, bringing news and stories to people through different channels. 

One of Campbell's popular and noteworthy works is "King of Thieves," which was inspired by a newspaper article. This gripping piece, titled "One Last Job: The Inside Story of the Hatton Garden Heist," was published by The Guardian in 2018.

Christie's husband Duncan's talents aren't confined to just writing and journalism. He has also made appearances in several television series. You might have seen him in three episodes of "The Ruth Ellis Files: A Very British Crime Story," where he lent his insights into the intriguing world of crime. 

Additionally, Duncan has appeared in three episodes of "Britain's Most Evil Killers," delving into some of the most chilling criminal cases in Britain's history. His diverse interests and expertise have led him to explore various aspects of crime and storytelling, making his contributions to shows like "Inside..." both informative and engaging for viewers. 

Lived With Don Bessant

Christie spent some time living with Don Bessant, who was a lithographer and art teacher. They were quite close, and some sources even suggest that they were engaged to be married at one point in their relationship. It's interesting to think about the connection between a talented artist like Don and a famous actress like her.

DonJulie Christie and her ex-partner, Don Bessant SOURCE: Pinterest

Julie and Don shared their lives for a significant stretch, starting in December 1962 and lasting until May 1967 when they lived together. Even after they stopped living together, their romance didn't completely fade away. They kept dating on and off for a few more years, up until around 1972. It seems like their connection was pretty special to have lasted that long.

Famously Used To Date, Warren Beatty

Julie Christie had a well-known and sometimes rocky romance with actor Warren Beatty that spanned seven years, from 1967 to 1974. He was a prominent figure in the Golden Age of American Cinema during the 1970s, known for his acting talent and charismatic presence on screen. However, he also had a reputation as a ladies' man, with many relationships in Hollywood. 

During their seven-year relationship, Beatty often called Julie his wife in public. Even though, they never officially tied the knot in marriage. This might seem a bit puzzling, but sometimes people use such terms of endearment to express their deep commitment and love for each other, even without a formal wedding ceremony.

How Had The Actress Met Beatty?

Julie and Warren's love story began when they first crossed paths at the 1966 Royal Command performance of the film "Born Free," as mentioned in an article from Daily Mail. It's funny how life can surprise you with unexpected encounters, especially in glamorous settings like a movie premiere. 

WarrenJulie Christie with Warren Beatty SOURCE: Pinterest

Beatty's feelings for Christie reportedly deepened significantly when he saw her shake hands with the Queen. It's almost like a scene from a romantic movie where a single moment captures someone's heart. After that enchanting encounter, they wasted no time and started dating soon. It's a sweet reminder that sometimes, it only takes a single, magical moment to bring two people together and spark a beautiful romance. 

What Caused The Breakup With Warren?

The reason behind Beatty and Christie's breakup can be summed up in the actress' own words: "If we are, we are. If we're not, we're not." It sounds like he had a somewhat casual approach to their relationship, and he didn't stop seeing other women while they were together. 

Julie, understandably, grew tired of Warren's womanizing ways, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship in 1973. It's a story we've seen before, where different priorities and expectations can create distance in a relationship. In her case, she decided it was time to move on and find something that better suited her desires and needs.

Even though their romantic relationship came to an end, Beatty and Julie managed to maintain their friendship. They worked together on not just one, but two more films after their breakup: "Shampoo' and "Heaven Can Wait.," as mentioned in an article from the Telegraph. Before their breakup, they had already showcased their on-screen chemistry in "McCabe & Mrs. Miller." 

The British Actress Was Warned About Warren Beatty

Julie Christie received some well-intentioned warnings from friends about her ex, Warren Beatty's reputation as a serial womanizer. It's not uncommon for friends to look out for each other, especially when they see potential heartache on the horizon. 

Even the director John Schlesinger, who must have known them well, advised Julie to consider ending her relationship with the actor. He described her former boyfriend's way with women vividly, comparing it to a businessman breezing through a dozen oysters, which suggests a kind of carelessness in his romantic dealings. It must have been a tough decision for the actress, torn between her feelings for her man and the concern of those close to her.

Other Relationship Of The Actress

Julie Christie's love life has seen its fair share of relationships. She had romantic connections with several other notable figures. In 1977, she was linked with Brian Eno and Jim McBride, showing that her heart had room for different kinds of people. In 1976, she was in a relationship with Lou Adler, a well-known music producer. 

Prior to that, Christie had a romance with Farrah Fawcett's ex-fiancé, Ryan O'Neal, and Edmond Parker in 1975. Going back even further, from 1961 to 1963, the actress was involved with Terence Stamp. It's interesting to see the variety of people who have been a part of her life, each bringing their unique experiences and moments of love. 


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