Becky Riordan' Husband Rick Riordan's Net Worth: Detail about his Salary, Career, and Total Earnings

We can easily find the information regarding the entertainment celebrities but hard to find the information of the authors, right? People are fond of novels and short story collections book but rarely find the information of the authors. Well, we are talking about Rick Riordan, an American author who is known for writing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. 

As Rick Riordan gained a huge popularity because of his incredible writing skills, in recent days his net worth, salary, and career have been the matter of discussion among millions of his fans. Here we have gathered all the information that you are willing to know about Rick Riordan.  So keep scrolling:

Rick Riordan's Net Worth

Rick has achieved both name and fame because of his dedication towards his work. Well, In 2017 Rick Riordan has an estimated net worth of $21 million. Rick owns from his work in the field of teaching and writing. 

Starting his career writing to his son, in recent days Rick has today reached a place in his life of which he has never imagined. Moreover, he is also known for his out of the box writing skills and techniques.

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Because of his writing career, he earns an annual salary of about $58,050 just like a normal pro-writer does or even more than that. Moreover, in 2012 his estimated net worth was $14 million and was listed in one of the 15 highest paid authors.

Furthermore, Rick Riordan is one of the highest paid authors in the world of 2016. He has successfully earned $13 million in 2014 and between June 2016 and June 2017, Rick Riordan earned $11 million.

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People all over the world are inspired by his writing and are following his paths. Rick has a huge fan following and people respect him the way he writes. Here we have more about how much money does Rick Riordan make in a year. Check the video right below.

Rick Riordan's career

Rick Riordan is best known his book Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. He is graduated from the University of Texas and had got the chance to teach English and Social Studies at Presidio High School in San Francisco for eight years.

Later on, Rick started writing book series and become a famous full-time author. He is the one who has written adult mystery series, Tres Navarre, for which he was awarded.

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Moreover, Rick wrote The 39 Clues series and wrote the first book in the series, The Maze of Bones in 2012, The Kane Chronicles, The Heroes of Olympus series, a sequel to the Percy Jackson series that focuses on Roman and Greek mythology. 

It's sure that Rick Riordan net worth is going to take a hike in near future as he has disclosed about his future plan. He is intending to write a series based on Norse mythology.