Becky Anderson, Abu Dhabi Correspondent for CNN is not married and not dating anyone.Secret Boyfriend?

September 9, 2016
First published on:September 9, 2016
by HitBerry

The famous CNN anchor Becky Anderson who worked for CNN from its Europian headquarter based in London for fourteen years has moved to CNN's  Abu Dhabi-based Middle-East regional headquarters in 2014 and is reporting the Middle Eastern issues from past two years.

The reporter took her job to another heights by taking a bold decision of moving directly to Abu Dhabi for her new program “Connect to the world with Becky Anderson" which is broadcasted in CNN every Sunday to Thursday on 7 pm Pacific time, from  Abu Dhabi headquarters to report the issues of war and terror affected regions like Lebanon.

Becky Anderson in Asian food Market

Leaving CNN London

Despite her sound career in CNN's europian headquarters in London, she triumphs for Middle eastern Asia. Does this mean she had an unstable career while she was in London?

Becky Anderson with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

No, she is a well known and very disciplined reporter in whole CNN family. So far so good at her interviewing skills, she has interviewed several world leaders in her career and never have disappointed the viewers and never made her guest feel insulted which is the biggest asset of an interviewer specially to the one who has time and again shared microphone with some famous personalities like Afghani President Hamid Karzai,  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President of South Africa Mr.Jacob Zuma (South African Communist Party), Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Secretary of United Nations General Ban Ki-Moon are just a few names to in her long Resume.

We all appreciate her bold decision but are there any personal reasons for her transfer to the fast-growing Middle east?

The answer is yes! She has clarified it through her various interviews and Q & A sections in websites that moving to Abu Dabhi is partly for a professional reason and partially a personal reason, she clearly stated she is moving there because a special person is waiting for her arrival in Abudabhi.

So, this means she has a companion waiting there which should not necessary relate to her profession in CNN.
The Promo speaks for itself, the clip gives us a short of introduction about what the program intends to show. She highlights the ever growing economy and cultural aspect of Middle east.

When she was asked about her shift to Abu Dhabi, she said

“The UAE has never had more resonance and influence on the geopolitical space
-:Becky Anderson;

The world is privileged to have an Anchor, Reporter like Becky who can clearly show the unbiased prospect of the middle east and present it to the world. Becky Anderson is CNN's one of the most known faces in professional aspect but what exactly goes behind the white screen of Newsroom in her personal life has been a mystery to her fans. She was speculated to be gay for not having any male companion or a husband even after she turned the forties but now it looks as if she was more in love with her career than with any person. 




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Gay Rumors

Becky Anderson was once rumored to be gay living with an Italian female partner but no evidence of her being gay has been proved. Some sites claim her to be married and having children too but one site conversational conference site talks about her previous marriage. The people who attended the conference claim to here the wedding story from Anderson herself.

Becky is a supporter of the gay movement and pretty loud about her support to the minority group. Which can be called as one of the main reasons to call her as gay.  But no evidence is strong enough to prove her sexuality as the lesbian so far. The only thing we can conclude from her interview with Crystal Chappell on CNN in 2009, it is a known fact that she respects the minority.

Her recent statement of moving to Abudabhi for personal reason opens a door of possibility. So far she has posted two pictures with a handsome upcoming Indian comedian on her Instagram which directs us towards him being the reason for her shift to the Middle East. The reason is arguably forceful because she has posted pictures of herself, her family and her crew member and the only outsider she has posted the picture happens to be Nitin Mirani. She has interviewed a lot of male celebrities like Brad Pitt and Indian Actor Hrithik Roshan but she has not posted a selfie with the world's handsome Actor  Mr. Brad Pitt so what could be the possible reason of this Selfie?



Selfie Alert w/ comedian @nitinmirani

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