Bebe Neuwirth talks about dancing, married life with husband Chris Calkin and the heights of fame

October 6, 2015
First published on:October 6, 2015
by HitBerry

American actress Bebe Neuwirth recently opened up about her passion for dancing, her married life with her husband Chris Calkin and how she reached the height of fame in an interview.

The beautiful actress, aged 56 might be in her mid-50s but her age hasn’t stopped this charismatic woman from performing and dancing gracefully. Neuwirth, who married her first husband, Paul Dorman in 1984, tied the knot to her present husband Chris Calkins in 2009. She opened up about her dancing career and her relationship with her hubby and much more in the interview.

The Tony Award winning actress told “According to Neuwirth legend, the doctor pulled me from my mother and said, ‘She’s a dancer.’” “Before I even took my first breath,” she added.

This gorgeous woman likes to describe herself as "just a chorus girl for hire". The actress, who is popularly known for her Emmy-winning role as Lilith on Cheers, is also a cabaret singer and has sung on several occasions. It was her love with dance and music that landed her major roles on Broadway and TV shows throughout her career.

Bebe made her way in Broadway and bagged major roles like Velma Kelly in Chicago and Sweet Charity. Talking about her role in the 2009 movie Fame, she said: "I was pleased that they asked a real dancer to play a dancer, because boy, they don’t always do that." She played the character of a ballet and tap teacher in the movie remake.

When asked about her struggle with uncertainty in her decades long career, she replied: "Um, that’s the rest of my life." She revealed that her whole life was filled with success and fame. She struggled a lot to be where she in now.

The actress, who is married to her wine merchant husband, admitted that she was on Cloud Nine after her marriage with Calkins. She said that she had never really been interested or attracted to alcohol, so her marriage with her husband was bit of a shock for friends.  "It was funny to my friends that I was dating a vintner, because I never was attracted to alcohol," she said. But she added that she was arrested for smoking pot at the age of 13. She joked that marrying Calkins made her better at identifying good wine. "Now I know what really good wine tastes like, and I love it."

Now that the actress is moving towards the end of her fifties, she believes that she has finally woken up from a deep slumber. She said that she was "pretty much asleep" until she was 32 and it was only later in her 50s that she became conscious. "I think we get more conscious as we get older," she said.

The actress is not active on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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