BBC Weather Presenter Carol Kirkwood divorced with Jimmy Kirkwood. Who is she Dating now?

The nature of human is actually so strange, isn't it? People fall in love numerous times and always have the capacity to move on forgetting the past. I think this is pretty positive as no any human on this earth can live alone.

Remember a dancing star from "Strictly Come Dancing", Carol Kirkwood? Here, we will be talking about Carol Kirkwood's divorce with 25 years husband. We will also let you know that she has now found her Mr. Perfect. Know more:

BBC Weather Presenter Carol Kirkwood divorced with Jimmy Kirkwood

Speaking of Carol Kirkwood's life, she has a very successful professional life but her personal life is just opposite. She was married to an Irish cricketer and field hockey player, Jimmy Kirkwood. The exact date and their wedding ceremony information have not been revealed till the date.

Carol Kirkwood on "Strictly Come Dancing"

Carol Kirkwood on "Strictly Come Dancing"

Source: ichef.bbci

Sadly, the couple stayed together for around 25 years, sharing all the joys and sorrows together, but the relationship got over in 2007. But some reports are claiming that the couple got divorced in the year 2008.

Many people believed that their marital life will go longer as they were married for a very long time, but who knows what happens tomorrow. The couple was never spotted in any kinds of fights or any divorce issues but got separated.

Carol Kirkwood

Carol Kirkwood

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Who is Carol Kirkwood dating now?

As previously, we said that human has the strength to move on leaving the past behind. For the statement, Carol Kirkwood can be the best example. She has now already moved on forgetting her saddest portion of life. While Carol was interviewed for her re- marriage, she explained:

I absolutely believe in marriage - if you're married to the person who is your soul mate and the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Ok, what does that mean? She is ready to marry again. Has she found her Mr. Perfect to live the rest of her life with? It's like she has already found the one. She was interviewed and asked about her current relationship, she explained that:

I'm very happy in my relationship status at the moment. I'm not single!

 It's not the be all and end all I wouldn't get married just for the sake of being married because I'm happy as I am

She has already revealed that she is no more single. She is committed but who is the lucky guy? Any idea? Till the date, the name of her boyfriend is not revealed and it looks like he is a mystery man who appears only for her. To know more information about her boyfriend, all we can do is wait!


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