BBC's Sophie Raworth says she is "too old" to be pregnant at the age of 47, exploring other interests

Sophie Raworth already has two daughters and a son with her husband Richard Winter, who also happens to be her long time friend. Sophie and Richard were best friends while growing up before they started dating. They extended their relationship into marriage when Richard proposed to her in December 2003 while they were vacationing on the Amalfi Coast.

When rumors began circulating about her being pregnant all over again, she denied all such rumors and further said “It isn’t physically possible from me anymore”. She has also said that she was already very busy to even have time to think of another child.

Sophie and Richard spent most of their late thirties and early forties nurturing their children. Now that their children have grown and are able to take care of themselves without uninterrupted attention, Sophie and Richard have had time to venture out and explore their other interest.

Sophie, having got time in her hands apart from taking care of her children, has been participating as a Marathon Runner and is doing quite well for herself. The first time she competed in the London Marathon, she collapsed about two miles from the finish line but somehow managed to complete the race.

Over the years she has completed four Marathon’s, the most recent being the 2014 London Marathon. She completed the 2014 London Marathon in just over 3 hours and 48 minutes, making a new record for a Celebrity finish.

She is also known for her florist skills and has been called to judge the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show, which is supposed to be the world’s foremost flower show.

She was also made judge for a book competition in which she record over 61 novels in less than two months, while preparing herself for the Marathon.  She has been keeping herself very busy and has said the only thing on her mind at the moment is “completing a marathon under “3hours 40 minutes“.

Apart from being athletically motivated, Raworth has had a very successful and long career in BBC so far. She is currently the top news reader and journalist for BBC within England. She presents BBC news at One daily and BBC news at Six on alternating days and an occasional special at BBC news at 10.

Sophie turned 47 years of age this year and she has said she feels as though she is well on her way to thirties and not the fifties. Sophie is a tall woman whose height is 5ft 9 and she is known for her sexy long legs.

How much Sophie makes as salary per year remains undisclosed by BBC, but her net worth has been estimated to be a whooping 7 Million Pounds.

Sophie is very popular on Twitter among Britons. She has over 56K followers on Twitter and can be followed under the username @sophieraworth. Unfortunately she does not use Instagram.