BBC's John Craven and Wife Marilyn Craven Loves Their Grandchildren Jessica, Charlie and Will

HitBerryPublished on   13 Aug, 2016Updated on   13 Aug, 2016

75-year-old John Craven has been serving the media industry since 45 years now. He is best known for presenting and broadcasting skills in BBC Newsround and Beat the brain. As much as he loves his job, he is also known to love his family more.

John Craven – Personal Life

John Craven has been married to his wife, Marilyn since a very long time and they live in Biecester, Oxfordshire. It has been so long that they are grandparents of 5 already! The couple has two daughters and five grandchildren.He used to be called Johnny Ray in his 50's and had Tony Curits haircut!

John Craven’s Holiday Trip with his grandchildren

John Craven and his wife planned a surprise vacation for their grandchildren to no other place than the beautiful Jamaica. John’s eldest grandchildren Jessica (16), Charlie (13) and Will (10) were ecstatic to have spent a whole week with their grandparents.  

The family had the perfect butler at their service. Charlie even mentioned that he would want their butler Conrad to be available every time they go for a travel. The butler would always pop up every time which was a relief for the oldies!

The old couple chose Jamaica because they had already been there before and that the children would enjoy the place to its fullest. The family managed to pass a ten-hour-flight through a jumbo jet to reach to Montego Bay. Even after the ten hour flight, children didn’t seem to feel exhausted; instead they further explored areas nearby the hotel and expressed their opinions about various attractions.

They got the opportunity to taste Caribbean seafood, Italian and Japanese food. They went to the beaches, went trekking as well as water-horse riding. The trip was really adventurous and exotic but one thing that disheartened them was the loss of 16-year-old Jessica’s camera memory card which got lost in the sands.

John Craven with this Grandchildren Charlie, Will and Jessica

John Craven with this Grandchildren Charlie, Will and Jessica


Caribbean Sea food Curry

Caribbean Sea food Curry

John Craven’s Love for Travel

Award winning presenter, John has traveled to many places all over the world. Among more than 80 countries he has visited so far, he mentions that his favorite destinations have to be The USA and Canada. John was accompanied with his wife and they travelled to many states such as New Orleans, Kentucky and Mississippi. Award winning presenter John, being a big time Elvis Presley fan, also went to that studio where Elvis first recorded for his music video.

The one thing that John never forgets to pack while travelling is his insect repellent. The one advice he would want to give regarding travel, especially in developing countries, is to get an independent travel health advice – you never know what disease you might be carrying along with you.  

He mentions that he has always wanted to travel to Antartica, although he has made it till the Falkland Islands.

John Craven - Ambassador of Panda in China

John, first visited China through his show Newsround in 1986 – at such a time where China was much accessible. John was the also the first Western journalist to film at the Panda Rescue Centre. He was also known to be the only Panda Ambassador in the World. Since everyone wants to get updated about the situation of Pandas in China, the thought of Sichuan Province to protect these endangered animals was a really brave effort, says John.

John adds that he had seen giant pandas at London zoo but when he went to China, it was his first time to observe them from so close and also at a natural habitat. He has traveled to and fro China many times since he has been an active member of panda preservation and protection.