BBC's Emily Maitlis attacked and insulted by Labour MP, Maitlis' husband furious

September 17, 2015
First Published On: September 17, 2015

Never mock an old lion. But that is what British journalist and newsreader for the BBC, Emily Maitlis did. She tried to crack a joke with the British Labour politician and MP Dennis Skinner. But her effort backfired on her and it proved once again that he should never be crossed.

Veteran MP Skinner, who has been Member of Parliament for Bolsover since 1970 shot back at the BBC news presenter Maitlis when she simply joked it was a “breaking news” that Skinner has turned down the offer of serving in a Corbyn shadow cabinet.

The remark that Maitlis, aged 45, made about the MP was merely a joke. But Skinner saw it as an offence. The 83 year old politician became crossed and the BBC correspondent received pretty nasty and grumpy comment from the furious Skinner, during a live broadcast.

Skinner was explaining to Maitlis why he didn’t want to take on a job in Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow cabinet and was recalling a past story of a similar kind of situation back in 1976 with Jim Callaghan. While reporting outside Westminster, newsreader Emily Maitlis made a joke about Skinner’s ‘refusal’ to take the job in the Corbyn shadow cabinet. And you might have already guessed what happened after that. The angry old man didn’t find her gag funny and commenced his ranting on her.

Skinner, who has been in the Commons since 1970, attacked and insulted journalist Emily Maitlis verbally while on air. The former chairman of the Labour Party, who is often referred to as “The Beast of Bolsover”, turned foul and showed everyone his beastly side, as he responded pretty rudely with the news presenter.

He said: "That was an example of spinning because you were trying to imply that I had turned it down.

"I think it’s time that you got real and you understood that you are not working for Murdoch at the BBC, because you seem to be following the same pattern."

The angry MP vanished from the sight of the camera and stormed off with the microphone attached. The sound engineers present at the site ran after him and retrieved the microphone.

After the live attack, several people came on the veteran MP’s defense on Twitter.

“@maitlis No Emily it wasn't a 'joke' it was a straight news item, you tried to spin the news rather than report it&Dennis Skinner stopped you.”

— staringatclouds (@staringatclouds)

“Jeremy Vine and Emily Maitlis thoroughly roasted by Dennis Skinner today. Back the BBC? Make it worth backing.”

— Marcello Carlin (@marcellocarlin)

“@KnightAngel45 @Shibbir1: Emily Maitlis being made to look like a fool by Dennis Skinner | Love the soundie determined to get his mic back.”

— crawfordgillies124 (@crawfordgillies)

"Dennis Skinner" shame on Emily Maitlis for blatantly lying live on air.”

— Isaac Hunt (@_Isaac_Hunt_)

Maitlis might have been the victim of the verbal attack and online ranting and criticism against her, but there is still one person who still thinks that it was unfair and illogical. It is her beloved husband, Mark  Gwynne.

Her other half is extremely furious after the incident and he has heavily criticized MP Skinner and all the supporters of his, who publicly dissed her. He believes that the way she was insulted on live TV by a respectable MP of the country was a shame. He also said that media is the fourth estate of a nation and journalists and reporters do not deserve to be insulted like that.