BBC presenter Mike Bushell, currently unmarried, gave an awkward hug to female guest Marion Bartoli.

September 17, 2015
First Published On: September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

BBC sports presenter, Mike Bushell who is currently unmarried, gave a rather awkward hug to female guest and one time Wimbledon champion, Marion Bartoli.

The BBC sports anchor and the French former professional tennis player shared an odd moment together as both of them were present during the Wimbledon 2015. Bartoli, who was featured on the BBC’s coverage at the tournament, seemed clearly embarrassed as Mr. Bushell moved forward to plant a big hug.

Bartoli, aged 30, was just sharing few of her priceless opinions with Bushell, just a moment before the women's singles final. She was left dumbstruck as the host of the BBC Breakfast excitedly introduced the former French number one to viewers and moved forward to hug her. Most of the people who witnessed the moment found it rather plain and though it was the BBC presenter’s worst attempt to make the situation friendly.

The winner of the women’s champion in 2013 was in a bit of a shock. But, the lady, who had a towering height, quickly handled the situation by hugging Bushell back with several pats on his back. Both of them continued their interview after gathering up the mess that Bushell had made. But, the awkward moment was brought back to life when BBC studio host Charlie Stayt questioned Mr. Bushell about his ‘touchy-feely’ move.

The unnerved presenter response was: 'Marion, I have to say, you're one of the cuddliest people I've ever met, the huggiest I had to hug you again this year.'

This response from him made the former world champion blush. But, Bushell kept on going with his approach of amending the embarrassing act of his: 'I've been told off for hugging people too much but you're such a lovely person, you exude warmth and charisma and it's natural to hug.'

Bushell added: 'I'm a very huggy person myself.'

His defensive reply made Bartoli giggle. The French national later stated to the sports presenter’s relief that she was not offended by Bushell’s hug and added that it was rather his attempt to strengthen Anglo-French relations.

Though Stayt seemed satisfied with both Bushell and Bartoli’s responses and agreed with them, his colleague Naga Munchetty in the studio was not so impressed by the act and said: 'We don't need to do that here.'

Bushell hugging Bartoli brought the house down as several of Bartoli’s fans appreciated his attempt of embracing her on Twitter.

Marion herself took to the Twitter and called the hug special: “special @mikebushell hug on @BBCBreakfast #gotoloveit [sic] BBC News – BBC TV presenter defends awkwardly hugging guest.”

One of her tennis fan @breakpointsaved even called the hug ‘cute’ while @mikebreakfast said: 'Let's start a hug revolution.'

Though many people appreciated this act, there are those who thought the hug was awkward and called Bushell, 'without doubt the creepiest man #BBC'.

Bushell is currently single. He was formerly married to Kim, his college girlfriend. The couple have three daughters, Lucy, Isabel and Sophie, from their marriage.