BBC News Caster Sally Bundock and husband Paul Bundock dispel divorce rumors, focused on their kids

September 17, 2015
First Published On: September 17, 2015

Sally Bundock and her long time husband Paul Bundock, who have been married for over 15 years and have three children out of their marriage, have dispelled all rumors relating to them getting a divorce as “just ridiculous and pathetic”. Sally and Paul have stated over the media together that they are a happy couple who are spending all of their time in nurturing their sons to have a good lives.

Sally and Paul have three son’s aged between 10 and 5 and have stated that all they want to do is support and nurture them. Sally and Paul are often seen taking their children out for lunches and to football games or taking them shopping, limited to London’s elite class – either to Soho or Harrods’s.

While Sally is responsible for getting the children ready for school and helping them with their homework’s and projects, Paul drives them to school and back. Sally has said that she and Paul are a very good team and either could not have done it without the other.

They have also jointly stated that their happiness lies in doing what is best for their children and supporting them in their day to day lives, teaching them values and also learning from them. They have stated that their children also teach them a thing or two they never thought they would learn elsewhere.

Paul, other than driving the children to and from school, also has focused on teaching them sports and has been seen taking the children for cricket and football practices. Paul has said he is in charge of seeing the children grown athletically, while Sally takes care of them on an academic level.

Apart from her personal life, Sally has had an outstanding professional career. She is an award winning financial journalist and presenter. She started in this particular field as early as the mid 1990’s. Her first professional work was in the business channel Bloomberg.

From her humble beginning as an intern in Bloomberg, to being the main correspondent of BBC finical news, she has covered many momentous topics. Some of the issues she has covered include World Economic Forum meetings, G7 summits and conferences and many historic EU Summits. Her talents in presenting important functions like the G summits or World Economic Forum conferences have given her a wide range of following worldwide and many consider her to be the best in the business as a financial presenter.

Apart from being a financial presenter for BBC, she is also known to be a writer and producer. Her documentary Rees Howels: Intercessor, which she produced, has been the recipient of many awards and critical acclaim.

Sally also is known for her opinionated nature and she is seen constantly expressing her opinions on social networking platforms like Twitter, where she has over 12K followers. She has already tweeted over six thousand times. Sally doesn’t use Instagram and she is not known to advertise her private life.