BBC ANchor Jane Hill opens up about being a lesbian, dating girlfriend Sara Shepherd and accepting her sexuality

HitBerryPublished on   17 Sep, 2015Updated on   17 Sep, 2015

Coming out wasn’t the easiest thing to do when you’re a gay person in a country like England, says Jane Hill. But she says she felt as though she was cheating herself by denying her sexuality and couldn’t do it any longer so she decided to come out into the open as a gay person.

Although friends and Colleagues of Jill have said “We always knew she was gay”. She has never hidden it and it is not that she has never dated women. She is known to have dated women earlier, only to keep it somewhat clandestine at her workplace.

Jane Hill, however, has now been in a live-in relationship with her camera women Sara Shepherd, with whom she has stated she is in love with and perhaps has always felt this way about her, but never had the courage to accept it. Hill and Sara live together with their dog Marvin and she says she is very happy with the lifestyle she has selected and was stupid not to do it earlier.

Sara just recently proposed to Hill after living together for almost two years now and Hill was super excited about it. She accepted the proposal as the words were still coming out of Sara’s mouth. Hill has also said she had been waiting for Sara to propose.

Jane and Sara, now engaged, have said they are making preparations for their wedding. But they are taking their time with it and have said they will probably marry sometime next year in 2016. Hill has said she is excited about it, but at the same time she is taking things slow and maintains her calm.

Jane says Sara is her pillar and has helped her considerably when her father contracted Parkinson’s and also when the disease took his life away. Jane has said Sara was always there helping me cope with the demise and being there for me when I was overwhelmed by emotions .Jane has said she can never do enough to be grateful toward Sara as she has been there and will remain to do so for her.

Prior to being in a relationship with Sara she was dating her fellow BBC presenter Chris Hollins. Although the two of them separated back in 2009, they remain good friends to his day.

Jane has been described by other news anchors as being severe but sexy. She is known to have a huge male fan following on the internet. Jane is an anchor for BBC news and is known to be very good at what she does. Her styling of presenting has been known to influence many female presenters worldwide on their take on the subject.

Jane is at the prime of her career at 46 years of age and has said now she has been given more independence to choose her own investigative approach to various world matters. Jane also uses social networking platforms to spread awareness among women and is known to frequently post feeds online in sites like Twitter. Where she has over 18K followers and can be followed under the username @JaneHillNews.