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Baz Luhrmann and his wife, Catherine getting a divorce after 19 years of married life?

March 30, 2016
First published on:March 30, 2016
by John


Recent reports claim that the Australian film director and producer Baz Luhrmann is heading to split from his nineteen years old relationship with wife Catherine Martin.

Insider claims that the director and his wife got into a fight some time back because of the professional problems between the two. They both work together in movies.

The heated quarrel resulted into yet other misunderstandings between the two because of which they have become rivals not couple. When the things got worse, they decided to quit, suggest rumors.

Insider reveals that the couple is in the process of their paper works.

Despite having a high profile life, the couple aims to keep their personal issues private. They work professionally and do not bring their personal issues in the limelight. Because of this reason, only some bits of information have been received on their divorce procedures.

Further rumors suggest that the couple is not in the mood to announce their separation this soon. They do not want their personal matters to be a headline.

Neither Catherine nor Baz wants to upset their fans with this sad news. They do not want to hamper their career with their family problems.

That’s the reason the celeb couple has stitched their lips on their split matters. They are not going to announce it. They want their fans to know it themselves and do not panic, say rumors. Their divorce will make no any changes in their professional tasks.

News has been there that despite getting divorced they will work on the sets as colleague and teammates. They are just breaking down their marital relationship and not their friendship and teamwork, says insider.

According to Wikipedia, Baz and Catherine met and started dating while they were in college. The couple married in 1997.They have two children together: Lillian Amanda Luhrmann, 12 years and son William Alexander Luhrmann,10 years.

It has been reported that both Catherine and Baz can have equal rights on their children.

Talking about Baz Luhrmann., he is a famous Australian director, screenwriter, and producer who started his career with acting in 1981.Whereas Catherine is an Australian set designer, costume designer, production designer and film producer.

The couple who have been married for 19 years - have worked together since Luhrmann's debut feature Strictly Ballroom in 1992, where she served as the production and title designer.

Baz is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million dollars. Catherine too is supposed to have a salary and net worth in millions.

Currently, the couple is residing at their house in New York City.

They had been living with love and co-operation since past years .Their divorce rumors have certainly shocked their fans.

All we can do is wish them best for their upcoming days.

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