Basketball Player Skylar Diggins getting married to longtime boyfriend Daniel Smith??

April 24, 2017
First Published On: April 24, 2016
by HitBerry

Skylar Diggins is the most popular female basketball player on the planet. She has a fan following of over 1.8 million on social media. She is also the first female basketball player to be endorsed by the popular brand Nike.

Recently, rumors have begun to surface that Skylar plans on getting married to her long time boyfriend Daniel Smith.

To this news, Skylar responded saying “It’s funny how fans are in a hurry to marry us!” She has said she will marry Smith eventually, but they are not in a hurry as of yet.

Skylar and Smith love life

Skylar first met Smith while attending Notre Dame University. They were both excellent sportsmen for the university. Skylar and Smith began dating during their university days and continue to be a very charming couple.

Skylar’s boyfriend Smith, unlike her, plays football and was an essential part of the Notre Dame University football team.

Skylar was also rumored to be the love interest of rapper and hip hop artist Drake, who, sources claim, was trying very hard to date Skylar. Drake even went so far as to crack jokes about Skylar’s boyfriend Smith on international television.

He began to get rude and comment insensitive material toward Skylar, which blew up and made headlines on many news and media agencies.

The drama caused by Drake lasted for about three weeks, after which Drake apologized to the WNBA star for his misbehavior and the matter was put to rest.

Skylar and Smith, during the whole ruckus caused by Drake, remained silent and let it pass. They did not make any comments or statement during the controversy.

Skylar and Smith are very close and, at the moment, are living together with plans to get engaged sometime next year. Sources claim it is most likely to be at the end of the year.

Skylar's professional life

Skylar, on a professional level, has had smooth sailing. He hard work have garnered rather favorable outcomes and have made her one of the finest players in the league so far.

Regarding her stats so far, she has a 14.9 per game average, which is a joint third highest in WNBA. Her rebound average is 2.3, which is relatively low compared to others and her assist per game averages 4.5, which is good.

As a professional basketball player and a sports celebrity, she is considered among the top three hot sportswomen in America. She has also been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, who are known to feature only the hottest sportswomen in the planet.

Skylar also falls among the highest paid players in the WNBA due to her popularity. Her team’s salary per year, outside of brand endorsements and incentives, is said to be somewhere around $117,000. Skylar adds to her income through various endorsements.

Skylar’s net worth remains undisclosed.

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