Basketball player Cameron Payne dating Katie Shinkle, Payne and Shinkle head over heels

April 21, 2017
First Published On: September 29, 2016
by HitBerry

Cameron Payne is indeed one of the promising basketball players who seems to have one great career ahead.

This 20 year old American professional player, with his amazing skills and performance has carved a niche for himself. Payne who played college basketball at Murray State recently got entry to NBA draft list being drafted at 14.

Payne was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder with the 14th pick in the 2015 NBA draft on June 25, and since then, the number of followers in his Twitter and Instagram handles has increased dramatically.

Payne is capable of pulling up and shooting from three-point or the mid-range area. This helps him be a major threat in the pick-and-roll, since he'll drain a three if teams go under a screen or take a few dribbles forward and pull up from mid-range if they go over the top.

He can score from multiple levels of the floor and has no issues adjusting to what the defense gives him.

This emerging basketball sensation Payne also excels shooting triples off screens. His natural instincts are put on display in his ability to run through screens or relocate on the perimeter.

The 6 feet 3 inches tall athlete has impressed everyone with his skills in courts and is heading towards fame and success.

While he is excelling by the day in his professional career, on personal front he is having great ‘love’ life. Payne is dating Katie Shinkle and the two have been spotted together on several occasions.

Payne and his girl are much in love. Katie is incredibly supportive of her boyfriend. This chubby beauty with the cutest smile one is vivacious and enthusiastic.

Shinkle is an avid user of social media and most of her tweets are about Payne. She even has posted different pictures of her and Payne in which the two are showing their teeth and flaunting their pouts.

Her several tweets express her love and support to her man. A few of her tweets go like this.

“Couldn't ask for a better guy in my life.”

“I look at you, looking at me, now I know why they say the best things are free.”

“Cannot express how thankful I am that my boyfriend is also my best friend all wrapped into one.”

Aww! It seems really sweet and the couple must be head over heels. Katie accompanies him to the important events of his life and she was there to cheer him when he was drafted in the NBA draft.

During the event she was found clicking her selfies. The beautiful Katie was seen posing in front of the camera with her trademark pouts. And, Payne is not even a bit scared to admit his love publicly unlike some other athletes.

He loves to show his love for his girlfriend with pictures of them all over his Instagram. Well, there is much in the air for this sweet couple!!

The young player Payne belongs to a basketball family. His father Tony Sr., older brother Tony Jr. and Cameron are all point guards. Cameron’s father played point guard in high school, because of his height he could not make it to the national level.

But he stayed in the game, coaching AAU for years and training his two sons. Tony Jr. is 4 years older than Cam and played at Lane College in Tennessee.

Among these three, Payne has the most successful career so far, well wishing this young basketball star achieves more sucess in his sports career!!