Basket Wives Latosha Duffey Net worth: See how much money she has in her bank account

HitBerryPublished on   07 Nov, 2016Updated on   04 Jul, 2018

Latosha Duffey famously known as Latosha DJ Duffey is an official DJ who serves for Amber Rose's SlutWalk and Currsen$y. She has been gaining popularity as a DJ and was in the top as a female DJ. However, she became more famous after dating the NBA agent Iman Shokouhizadeh and getting into the reality show Basketball Wives LA.

Latosha Duffey joined Basketball Wives LA on season fifth and that made her intensely famous. Apart from having an NBA boyfriend, Latosha is also a brilliant basketball player and was a high school basketball player too. Before dating the NBA agent Iman, she was rumoured to be dating the rapper Drake and is previously married and has a son.

LaTosha Duffey

LaTosha Duffey

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Latosha Duffey being a DJ and making her appearance in a famous reality show, she has not only gone famous but also grown economically. She enjoys every luxury that woman wishes in their life.

Latosha Duffey Net worth

DJ Duffey

DJ Duffey

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Latosha, the DJ Duffey being the official DJ of Amber Rose's SultWalk does many concerts and parties. Latosha has toured alongside DJ Amber Rose on his Canal Street Confidential Tour which gave her the name tag of famous female DJs of all time. According to The net worth, Latosha net worth is approximate $750,000.

As the Bustle says, she signed with the Saint Louis Rams in 2011 for $540,000 and she even works for the NBA. And according to Forbes, a celebrity DJ earning per night can be up to $100,000. Her current fiancée Iman Shokouhizadeh being a basketball agent makes an average of $473,000.

So saying all this, we can definitely say Latosha Duffey earns a hell lot of money and has a bunch of money in her bank account.

Latosha Duffey DJ journey



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Born on 25 August 1988 in Texas, Latosha Duffey was raised in a full athlete's family. Except for her father who served in the military, all the other members played basketball which made Latosha interested in the game too. Furthermore, her father also wanted to be best at basketball so she attended Mansfield Summit High School and won four state championship girls basketball match.

Latosha Duffey married at a very every age of twenty-one with NFL player Brian Jackson which didn’t last that long. After that, Latosha being interested in music decided a career in the musical field. She was determined to be a DJ and moved to Dallas along with her son where she got the chance to know well-known Dallas DJ, DJ ASAP and got her golden opportunity to enter the field.  


Latosha Duffey incessant practice for almost a year led her to the first every chance of being a DJ at a nightclub for once a week. Soon after that, she made a strong decision to be a full-time DJ and poured out her soul into it. Within no time, she established her name as an official DJ. Even though the route was tough, Latosha without giving up a second made her way to the top and became the official DJ of Amber Rose's 2015 SlutWalk.