Baseball star Jeff Francoeur insults Mets' Hansel Robles' pitching and stats

HitBerryPublished on   19 Apr, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

It’s not a big fuss at all but well, news is news. And this time, it’s nice guy Jeff Francoueur who is on the news after he, not exactly but indirectly, criticized Mets Hansel’s pitching.

After Robles swiftly threw a ball, apparently when the hitter wasn’t ready, he had something to say. And boy did it go viral. Francouer took to social networking site to mention his reaction to the pitching,

“That was chicken (bleep).My whole point was let the guy get in the box," Francoeur said. "If they can't understand why I was upset about that ...I've got no problem with the way any of those guys play.

They play hard. They're a great baseball team and I've got a lot of good buddies on the team. My whole thing was give the guy time to pitch because that's bull." Well, if you're not a baseball fan, all this must be hard to interpret but hey, just remember it was harsh.

How all this started

It all started after Robles tried to “quick pitch” Ruf. This is as it sounds – quick pace pitching before the batsmen sets his hit, that is, adjusts his height and position. Well, sort of like this!!!

Francoeur went on "Even Dan Bellino was freaking out behind the plate when it was coming. That's when I started arguing."

Well, without question, after the news, there were many reactions to this statement. Yet, Francoeur, who himself is one great baseball player, made it clear that the response had nothing to do with his teams current performance, which is blandly dismal. They have lost 10 games out of 11. Pretty bad huh???

He continued. "Noooo," he said. "They did what they were supposed to do (Monday) night. Trust me, I've been on both sides of that.

I've been on a team where we crushed homers. Give the guy time to get in the box and then pitch. You saw Familia. He did it how he's supposed to (in the ninth inning).

He quick pitched, but he gave the guys to be set and then went. That was my big thing. I was like, 'Come on, man”

Well, that’s all the fuss. There has been no reply to his statement till now. Anyways, anyone wondering why this guy did so and if this guy had moral grounds to say this, well he definitely did.

Salary and Income

With a whooping salary of more than $950000, The Philadelphia right fielder is taking the major league by storm. Standing out in his team, he has been delivering great performances throughout this season.

And looks like, he won’t be stopping anytime soon. Now, at the age of 31, he still has a lot to prove. Well, he did not seem to be flexed with his comment.

He has been pictured enjoying a lot (well, Instagram and Twitter does say a lot of things ). Let’s see if the fun can remain at the field. Just for trivia, Mets stats are not that good!

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