Baseball star Jean Segura, who earns the highest salary in Milwaukee Bucks, losing his batting skills and team's confidence

April 21, 2017
First Published On: October 17, 2016
by HitBerry

Jean Segura, reportedly one of the highest paid athletes in the Milwaukee Bucks, is known for his agility and tremendous hitting power.

But, the show stopper for the Bucks team has been losing ground on his batting skills at a landslide speed. His performances in matches were pivotal for the team’s confidence while facing major teams from other states.

The Number 9 star, who is also known for his unimaginable pitching power, has been causing concerns for his team mates after his miserable performances. The team has been losing confidence after the sudden down fall on his form in the game.

Jean’s form was so hard to deal with last season, he was beginning to get dropped from the game roster altogether. First, he stared with first base where his first performance started the downslide.

After being given enough opportunities he was moved to second base, with Matt Garza filling in the vacant first base. The second base move did not prove to be an awakening for Segura and he began to spiral even more.

Eventually, he was given a on and off chance to stat third. But even so, the move was not fruitful and Jean was seen missing from the team’s roster.

Segura needs to pull up his socks if he wants to make base this season like his team mate Hector Gomez. It has been reported if Jean’s performance doesn’t improve in the pre season games they will be willing to trade him. Mets are interested in him as of now.

After his top form in the minor league and seeing his performance now, many are astonished by the transformation. Jean, when asked about his current form, has said he will get back to training and work on it and come back as good as he was .

His manager has said he is going through a bad stretch, but is confident he can be back to top form. The Stats on Jean’s batting average when the season began was .404 and then it began to slump lower.

It was on an average scale when it had reached .296 and it slumped to a low on .246 which was his career low on any division or league he has contested so far. When Segura began his career in the USA, his average was a phenomenal .469.

His pitching was also under strict questioning due to his horrid inconsistency last season.  After suffering from a tendon injury he was ruled out of pitching most of last season.

His coaches in the Bucks have said that he is back and is pitching his best, even if his batting has gone downhill.

Jean Segura’s nationality is Dominican and he is one of few players not drafted from a college in the USA to major league teams. He is currently playing for the Milwaukee Bucks .

His salary is reportedly $537,000 per annum .He is 25 years of age and measures at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. He isn’t active on social net working platforms like Twitter or Instagram.