Bartolo Colon's first Home Run of his entire career.

‘It was his 19th season in the major leagues, and 247th career plate appearance, Bartolo Colon hit his first home run,’ everyone is going to remember that! It’s history.

 Legendary pitcher for the New York Mets, Colon hit his first and glorious two-run home run against San Diego Padres pitcher James Shields.

This home run marks him as the second oldest player after Julio Franco,  in Mets history to hit a home run as his 43rd birthday was just 17 days away from the day of the match.

Right after the match, when Colon spoke to a group of reporters he said, “I don’t even know how to explain it,” “Once I hit it, I knew it was gone.”

He added: “I think right now, this is the biggest moment of my career.” This landmark in his career called for a celebration which he, his teammates and fans all over did very well. Social media was, well! , flooded with his legendary hit.