Barry Corbin getting married at the late age of 75?? Girlfriend Barbara to be his wife

February 29, 2016
First Published On: February 29, 2016
by HitBerry

Actor Barry Corbin is now at the late age of 75 and is not getting married. Barbara who might be his girlfriend at some edge of his life and him are surely not marrying as no any social media or social networking sites have talked about this news.

Nobody knows that whether at his old age also he is dating his girlfriend or not. But as we know, Corbin married two times in his life. His first wife was Susan Berger who he married in 1976 and they divorced in 1992.  After the divorce with his First wife, he married his second wife Marie Elyse Soape. We don’t have clear information about his marriage and divorce date with his second wife and don’t know whether he divorced with his second wife or not.

Corbin has four children, sons: Bernard, Jim and Christopher and a daughter: Shannon.

It is heard that Shannon was the daughter born by mother with whom Corbin had an affair with in his young age. Corbin did not know about Shannon, who was left in the Methodist Home in San Antonio. At Shannon’s age of 26, Corbin knew about the reality and took her in.

Corbin seems very interested in horse riding as he had won many cutting-horse competitions before landing into film. Also he utilizes his spare time riding horses. He is tending to cattle in his 15- acre ranch in Fort Worth which he shares with his daughter Shannon.

If there is any news about the death of Corbin then it is absolutely false because he is still working as an actor in the film industry. He is old enough but he still does have teeth and it looks that his upper teeth are straight and bright whereas his lower teeth resemble an old fence.

Corbin has acted in more than hundred movies, TV shows and video games. Many of his films have been western. Corbin has begun his career as a Shakespearean actor in 1960s. Also he has portrayed the role of murderous villains effectively as well.

Corbin is the signature voice of Radio Station KPLX in Fort Worth, Texas and has also voice trailers and promos for CMT and various other radio stations.

Corbin is mostly remembered and known for his movies such as WarGames, Urban Cowboy, Any Which Way You Can and Lonesome Dove. His TV shows credit Northern Exposure, Life with Louie, M*A*S*H, Dallas, The Magnificent Seven, Blood and Oil, etc.

He received an Emmy Award nomination for the TV show Northern Exposure where he portrayed the role of former astronaut Maurice Minifield. He was honored with a lifetime achievement award by the Estes Park Film Festival.

The net worth of this great personality is estimated to be $4 billion.