Barbasol Champion Aaron Baddeley's has Fabulous life. Know his Net Worth

HitBerryPublished on   18 Jul, 2016Updated on   18 Jul, 2016

Golf is a sport where you win or lose by inches. Similarly; the golf hero, Aaron Baddeley, he completed a 24-foot putt on the fourth hole of the finals with Si Woo Kim to become the Barbasol Champion on Sunday. Though the game is underrated and not mainstream like soccer and cricket, the players have the greatest Net worth on this field. If you don’t believe me, find out about his net worth and fabulous life.

Aaron Baddeley’s Net worth

Aaron Baddeley has the Net worth of $10 million, according to Celeb Financial Wealth. It looks like he earns pretty big amount, huh.. Furthermore, Income statistics as of 2013 prove that his monthly income is $333,000, weekly of $77,000 and daily income of $11,000. If we speak of the PGA tour, he has earned $18,146,653 in prize money, pretty amazing.. And along with this, he is ranked 73rd on the PGA career earnings list. 

Fabulous life of Barbasol Champion, Aaron Baddeley

Since, his income is so high, so is his life. He has got such a pretty awesome life. He is married to his best friend Richelle Baddeley, he won the Barbasol champion of 2016, he has got 4 PGA tour wins, and another 4 PGA tour wins of Australasia.

 Baddeley drives 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback. He said that he and his dad spent 5 years reinstating the car. By looking at it, it is pretty much simple on the inside but it has a Cleveland 351 engine with 500 Horse Power. It sure does look old, but is pretty fast, trust me on this one. He owns other two cars, Ford F150 Truck and a Pontiac GTO RA6. 

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

Pontiac GTO RA6

Pontiac GTO RA6

Aaron Baddeley owns a house In Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America. And by looking at the pic, I must say that he really has one hell of a house. We don’t know how much land it covers or how much money he paid for the house. But we sure do know that it’s not a cheap one. I mean just look at it, it has got everything. 

Aaron Baddeley's house in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America

Aaron Baddeley's house in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America

Aaron Baddeley’s Background

Aaron Baddeley, he is from the land that is famous for Kangaroos, crocodiles and koalas, Australia; but was born in New Hampshire, United States of America. He engaged himself with playing Golf when he turned 8. After 6 years of practice, he won the Local Championship. And by the time when he was 18, he won the Australian Open in 1999. He comes from a catholic family and serves Jesus like most of the people do. But Baddeley was more into Golf and it meant less time at the church. 

By 2000, when he wanted to win the US championship, he entered the PGA Tour. Everyone thought he would do great and make so much money. But everything went upside down and nothing was going like the way he wanted. His play worse than ever and he was homesick most of the time. He believed that happened because he never grew his relation with the god.

So, he never focused on Golf after that. He focused on his God and made time at Church. Aaron believes that it was the turning point of his life. Hard to believe but he did really well after that. He married his best friend Richelle and he said that God led him to her. He also said that he no longer plays Golf for himself, he plays it for his God.