Banshee actress Ivana Milicevic having an affair with a co-star while recovering from split with ex-boyfriend Adrian Hunter

HitBerryPublished on   31 Aug, 2015Updated on   31 Aug, 2015

Actress Ivana Milicevic, best known for her role in the Television series Banshee, is rumored to be having an affair with her costar Antony Starr. Starr, who is also an actor at the T.V series Banshee, poses as Milicevic’s ex lover in the series. Recent rumors have confirmed that the duos were sighted together at different places. But the couples have made no comment so far as to their relationship yet.

Milicevic, who is recovering from a heartbreaking relationship with Adrian Hunter, seems to be finally making a comeback. The talented Croatian seemed to have been really obsessed with Hunter. The ex duos had started dating in 2007. But they got separated in 2009.

In an interview with the Dame magazine, Milicevic talked about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She said, “Well, let’s just say he messed up a lot but I kept being there for him. It’s hard to explain but the way I dealt with the trauma was to be forgiving and loving and kind. The alternative would have been to be bitter. Ultimately, I healed faster and better and more completely.”

Before getting engaged with Hunter, there was a rumor that Milcevic was engaged with Shannon Leto, the drummer for the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. They had made a couple of red carpet appearances together. But both of them never revealed that they were truly in a relationship. And the rumor died down gradually.

The 41-year old model turned actress started her career at a very young age. She left her home country when she was just seventeen in order to pursue her career in modeling. When she was asked why she left her home so early, she replied that, “Looking back, I can’t believe I made that happen. Most of all, I can’t believe my parents let me do it – not that they could’ve stopped me.”

In 1995, she made her debut in acting by appearing in the film ‘Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest’ as Acolyte (a role). After this, she was offered quite a few roles in many movies and television series. In 2006, she was offered a role in the famous James Bond series, Casino Royale as Valenka. This earned her a huge fame.

After this great hit, Milicevic had even more offers from Television series and films. Finally, in 2013, she started acting in the hit T.V series Banshee, which she often terms as her ‘role of a lifetime’. She really seems to enjoy this role of hers as an ex con and a present mother.

Currently Milicevic has 16.6k followers in the Instagram. In the Twitter, she has 58k followers. We hope that she lands even bigger roles in the future and wish her luck.