Is Bam Bam Brown Married or Engaged to Allison Kagan? Know what's going on

The American reality TV star, Bam Bam Brown who is famous for his appearance in the TV show, Alaskan Bush People is in a romantic relationship with Allison Kagan. So, is Bam Bam Brown married or engaged or still dating Allison Kagan?


Well most of us know about the professional life of Bam Bam Brown but what about his personal life. Are you updated about it? Today we will be disclosing about his relationship with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan to whom he has been dating since 2016. Let's get to know every detail about their relationship in this article.

Bam Bam Brown in a romantic relationship with Allison Kagan

Bam Bam Brown who came in the rise after his appearance in Alaskan Bush People left the show in late 2016 just for his love. He left it just to stay with his new love, Allison Kagan. They met on the set of Alaskan Bush People and started dating in November 2016 and started living on the boat together.

CAPTION: Bam Bam Brown with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan SOURCE: Notey

As per Bam Bam in his social media, the couple became a friend in the first meeting and only came closer after they visited New York together. After being together, the pair started working on the cruiser called Fathom This which is owned by Bam Bam. As the boat needed lots of renovation work, the pair worked on it together.

CAPTION: Bam Bam Brown post regarding his love SOURCE: Facebook

The couple has already spent nearly two years dating each other. And still, they are having lots of love for each other. They can be seen going hand-in-hand in different places sometimes for dinner dates and sometimes for shopping. Hope they will be able to maintain the same faith forever.

CAPTION: Bam Bam Brown with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan SOURCE: news rains

Bam Bam Brown rumored to be engaged

Beside Bam Bam's reality TV show, he is a quiet person and doesn't prefer to share much about his personal life with the media. But as per some tabloid source, he has already got engaged with Allison Kagan. The rumors were aired after Bam Bam was seen wearing a ring in his ring finger.

CAPTION: Bam Bam Brown with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan SOURCE: Railing Kill

As both of them has not officiated about it, we cannot be sure about their engagement without their confirmation.

Ten Facts about Bam Bam Brown 

1. Bam Bam Brown was born on September 18, 1984.
2. Bam Bam Brown is the son of Billy Brian Brown and Amora Brown.
3. Bam Bam Brown full name is Joshua Bam Bam Brown.
4. As a child, Bam Bam Brown was a talented and energetic child who always love to make creative things.
5. Bam Bam Brown has interest in electronics.
6. Bam Bam Brown hobbies are reading books.
7. Bam Bam Brown love to do things in his own rather than preferring to a family member and others.
8. Bam Bam Brown's net worth is around $300 thousand.
9. Bam Bam Brown is reported to have bought the "Fathom This" boat rather than finding it on the scrap yard.
10. Bam Bam Brown has created a Twitter account for the "Fathom This" Boat that he claims to have found on the scrap yard.