Bailee Madison and Emery Kelly Borke Up after few Months of Dating; Know about her Current Relationship Here!

January 30, 2018
First Published On: January 30, 2018

In this present generation, we often hear about the love affairs and breakups. The celebrities often keep changing their partners and have been a common trend for all. And their relationships always come to the headlines. Today we are here to discuss the affairs and relationship of Bailee Madison


Bailee Madison is an American actress better known for portraying the role as May Belle Aarons in the movie Bridge to Terabithia. Madison is well-known on the screen, but what about her personal life? Is she dating anyone after her breakup with Emery Kelly? Make sure you reach until the end of the page to know her love affairs. 

Bailee Madison Broke Up with Emery Kelly

Previous the renowned actress Bailee Madison was romantically linked with a singer Emery Kelly. The duo started dating each other back in May 2015 and was happy with their relationship. 

The couple was rumored to be dating after they shared a couple beautiful picture of each other on their social site photos from their date night. Well, their love affair was finally confirmed on 29 May 2015, after Emery posted a picture of themselves with a caption mentioning he was going to miss her! 

[ CAPTION: Bailee Madison and Emery Kelly ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

They were spending a good time together and were enjoying each other's company. They further used appear together in several events. But the duo faced some serious circumstances which led to their breakup. 

Just after dating for six months, Madison and Emery separated. After their breakup, in an interview in 2016, Madison revealed the reason behind their separation was, that her ex-boyfriend once called her "Prude" which wasn't a compliment.

[ CAPTION: Bailee Madison and Emery Kelly ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Moreover, Madison previously rumored to be dating Zachary Gordon back in 2013, before being in a relationship with Emery. But soon they confirmed that they were nothing more than good friends. 

Who Is Bailee Madison Currently Dating?

After her two unsuccessful relationships, Madison is currently dating Alex Lange.  As per the source, 18 years old actress, Madison started dating her present boyfriend Alex back in September 2016. The duo officially confirmed their love affair on the premiere of Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket.

[ CAPTION: Bailee Madison and Alex Lange ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Likewise, Madison and Alex were spotted kissing each other while arriving at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada on October 11, 2016. Well, it has already been more than a year that the couple has been dating and are happily enjoying their relationship. 

[ CAPTION: Bailee Madison welcoming Alex Lange in airport ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

If we visit their Instagram account, then we see lots of each other's photos shared by them. Since the starting of their love affairs, the couple often shares pictures of every special moment they spent. Seeing these all we can definitely know how deeply they are in love with each other. 

[ CAPTION: Bailee Madison and Alex Lange ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The couple is one of the perfect examples of true lovers. And till date, they haven't faced any rumors of breakup and also about their other affairs.