Bags With Different Style

HitBerryPublished on   19 Apr, 2017Updated on   30 May, 2021

We all try to move along with new fashion and nowadays fashion is not only limited on clothing or foot-wears but bags also comes in different styles with trendy features. We have numerous types of bag and purse that come in different sizes. Bags and purses for ladies and gents can be categorized differently.

Some of the best types of Bags for Women and Men are mentioned under:

1)Weekend bags

Traveling here and there in weekends or going somewhere for a holiday or even for casual days it will be difficult for us if we do not have a perfect bag with appropriate size to adjust all our accessories in it. Weekend bags are large bags with handles in each sides with large space especially prepared to hold our things when we travel. Weekend bags come in various sizes and colors. Weekend bags come in many styles for both men and women. We can know the quality of the bag by giving an eye to its materials. Some bags are made up of Canvas, some are made with leather and other are made with different quality materials. Some of the things we should consider before selecting any weekend bags are: Material with which it is prepared, its size, its design and its types. Basic types of weekend bags are Tote Bags, Duffle bags, Backpacks, Carry-On bags etc.

2)Hobo bags

Hobo bags are popular for its style and attractive designs. In the contemporary fashion world, hobo bags are the first choice of almost all the girls. It is a bag designed for women and it has got strap which can be carried in shoulder and carried even in hand. It is normally prepared with materials like leather, microfiber, suede etc. and it has curved tops with straps and its bottom part is round in shape. Hobo bags come in various colors both in plain and printed forms. We can store all our necessary accessories in it because hobo bags looks small in its curvy structure but it can store a lot of commodities in it. Hobo bags are perfect choice for any formal and informal occasions. It comes in both big and small sizes. It looks very classy when matched with a pair of t-shirts and jeans.

3)Crossbody bags

Crossbody bag are carrier created for gents, ladies, children. It is a big container bag with large straps in it. It is large and comfortable enough to carry it in a crossed way in our body by aiding its straps to our neck and shoulder. People’s preference regarding cross body bags are as follows:


Men normally prefer to carry cross body bags which are large in size and have abundant space in it. Their cross bags have at least two big sections to hold electronics, books or laptops in it. Boys usually select bold colored huge bags having strong chains.


Women normally tend to have small sized cross body bags which can normally hold their makeup kits, books, cell phone and a bottle of water. They love to explore with color so their bag usually comes in colorful and attractive colors.



Cross body bags is the perfect choice for school going children as bags for kids contain many compartments that can hold their books, stationeries, lunch box, water bottle etc.

  • Conclusion

Bag is essential for storing our accessories and for enhancing our personality. We get various types of bags in the market at different prices. Men and women of all the age carry bag and the foremost thing we should consider while choosing a bag is its quality and durability. The more we spend on quality the more long-lasting product we can get.