Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean's net worth is $45 million!!

HitBerryPublished on   15 Jul, 2015Updated on   26 May, 2021

“I don't care who you are, Where you're from, What you did, As long as you love me, Who you are, Where you're from, Don't care what you did As long as you love me”

It’s been more than a decade since the Backstreet Boys released their song “As Long as You Love Me”. But no matter the time, the song still remains one of the most popular songs in a common man’s playlist and it sure looks like it’s gonna remain popular for years to come.

The five member boy band, now reaching their 22 years together, have amassed millions of dollars from concerts and albums and continue doing so. And although the band has gone old, it hasn’t stopped it’s members from earning big.

According to reports, AJ McLean has a net worth of  $45 million- from the band’s concerts and other revenues. And his success in music led him to further investment and in 2015, he was named the Highest Paid Singer by the magazine People With Money.

AJ Mclean is one of the most loved member of the band and is currently working on the bands next album. Mclean, although he is reaching the age of 37, remains youthful- thanks to the hair transplant surgery he had back in 2012.

His hair looks natural even now and there were positive comments from the fans when the singer took to Instagram to post photos of his new hair.

McLean, who stands at a height of 5'8"  was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, to Denise and Bob McLean. His ancestry has a mixed ethnicity with his mother being of Cuban and German ancestry and Scottish, Irish and English on his father’s side.

McLean joined pop boy band the Backstreet Boys and dropped out of high school to be with the group. He was part of eight albums from 1996 to 2013 with the popular band, including "Backstreet's Back", "Millennium", "Black & Blue", "Unbreakable" and "In a World Like This".

As a band, they have sold more than 130 million records around the world. He performed several times as himself in 2008, and worked with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and JC Chasez of 'N Sync.

His solo album, "Have It All", released in 2010. McLean has appeared on several TV shows and movies, including "Static Shock", "Arthur", "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and "This Is the End".

In 2001, McLean went to rehab for substance abuse with encouragement from fellow band member Kevin Richardson. As of 2011, McLean has been in rehab three times.

He recalls being in a depressed state and often credits his wife for helping him to be away from substance use. The two reportedly married in 2011, in a wedding attended by McLeans band members as well.

The couple have a lovely daughter named Ava whom they gave birth to back in 2013. Nonetheless, Mclean is also the founder of the JNN Foundation that works to keep music in classrooms and raise money for diabetes research.

McLean has also had some solo performances and created a character named "Johnny NoName", to use as his alter ego. He uses it as his name when not performing with other members of the Backstreet Boys.

McLean has occasionally performed in rock/metal clubs around New York as Johnny No Name. McLean also did a nine-city tour to support VH1 Save the Music as Johnny No Name.

In March 2008, McLean performed his first two solo shows (as himself) at the Anaheim House of Blues and The Roxy in Los Angeles. The show consisted of his solo material and a solo version of the Backstreet Boys hit, "Incomplete".

The solo tour continued through Europe in May and June, in parallel to Backstreet Boys tour. While creating his solo project, McLean worked with the OneRepublic vocalist Ryan Tedder, producers Dan Muckala and Kristian Lundin, plus the former 'N Sync member, JC Chasez.

On January 20, 2010, Have It All, was released in Japan. On May 22, 2013, a Finnish rapper Redrama released a single "Clouds" featuring McLean. It is currently available on iTunes Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the U.

The singer recently gave an interview regarding the band’s new album and fans were crazy tweeting about it on the social media. A usual user of Twitter, he has around 280K twitter followers desperately waiting for the bands new album.

Not only them, a lot many are eager to listen to the rule defying boybands latest album. After all, they never stop amazing people with their songs.