Baby Ariel is Amazing You Tuber. Now she invites Grandparents

HitBerryPublished on   03 Jul, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

Baby Ariel, not really a baby. I mean technically she’s a teenager at the age of 15 but if you’ve been an avid follower of Ariel, her activities are still very child-like which is really cute. Over the past one year, she’s grown so much into an amazing YouTuber and what sets her apart is the fact that she involves a lot of family into her videos which is something YouTubers don’t do very often.

Her mommy’s sort of a regular on the channel and now it’s her grandparents. In this fun little video, she teaches her grandfather and grandmother to use '' and does a few lip syncing videos with them.

Now the story of this YouTuber is unlike any others. Baby Ariel didn’t really start out as a YouTuber, first, she was a star. If you don’t know what is, it’s a fun app where you can post videos of yourself lip-syncing. Born and brought up in Florida as Ariel Martin, her turning point in life came in the disguised form of a flood. Ariel and her family had to move out of their flooded home and move into her grandparents’ house. During her stay at her grandparents’ place, she downloaded the infamous out of boredom made some lip-syncing videos and share it with her friends. But it wasn’t just her friends the video got limited to. Many other people liked and shared it. And as things happen on the internet, Baby Ariel became famous in a jiffy and has millions of supporters worldwide now.

But that’s not all, this 15-year-old girl really knows how to keep up with her famous status quo. With a huge fan following on the internet comes the surplus amount of haters. Bitter but true! And the same thing happened to Baby Ariel; internet bullying. To overcome this as well as real life bullying, Ariel has a movement of her own #Arielmovement which aims to support kids for who they are and with love, support, and absolute positivity.

Likewise, her career has made a leap from to YouTube, she has her channel under the name Baby Ariel and has over a million subscribers. She mostly does vlogs and fun videos with her parents and friends. Her success has massively influenced her family; her mom Sharon Kremen Martin is famous as the Mom and has over 625,000 fans and her brother who goes by the name of King Jacob has more than 850,000 fans on