Babita Sharma has no Husband! But she might have a boyfriend.

HitBerryPublished on   30 Jun, 2016Updated on   30 Jun, 2016

What a confusing situation did Babita Sharma put us through? This beautiful newsreader has never disclosed about her personal life in front of media. But fortunately we found this picture of hers with her beloved husband.


However, we are not sure if this is 100% real. She has spent her fifteen long years in media but has always kept her personal life behind thick curtains. To be clear we are not even sure if that man standing beside her is her spouse. She might just be single.

On the other hand her fans are busy cooking their own stories but the mystery remains the same.

Ok! Let’s suppose she is not married but she being a gorgeous newsreader with a talent of attracting peoples how could she be single yet? She might have a boyfriend, right? She is pushing her fourties and she might surely have dated a guy. Despite the reason that Babita has kept her personal life away from the camera, the assumption could be made about the gorgeous lady having a boyfriend.

Keeping her personal matter aside let’s talk about the thing which we actually know about her! This British Indian girl got a degree in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting and started her career right after finishing her studies. Then she joined BBC Radio Wales and Themes Valley Television for working in the journalism field.

After struggles and hard work with the passion for journalism, Babita initiated her career in BBC News Channel as a presenter. Later in 2009, she was shifted to BBC News Channel and BBC World News in her current post as a full-time post presenter.

Babita is one of the British Indian newsreaders in BBC World News along with Geeta Gurumurthy (sister of Krishnan Gurumurthy- TV presenter on the Channel 4 News).  Babita seems to be a bit popular newsreader than Geeta as Babita does have Wikipedia but Geeta does not have.

Babita has a large number of followers in Twitter that reaches to approximately twenty thousand and six hundred along with her four thousand one hundred and seventy-four tweets. Babita feels overwhelming to carry out her work as a news presenter on BBC World News but her special moment was the day when she got a chance to take the interview of her mother and father.

Babita’s net worth has not been disclosed officially but we are sure that this attractive news reader might have a handsome salary as she is always seen in public with striking dresses.