Axl Rose is joining AC/DC on their world tour.

April 18, 2016
First Published On: April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Two of the heavyweights of the rock and roll world are in the middle of a mix at the moment and fans of either band are particularly not happy with the decisions made by both the band members. The news that Guns and Roses front man Axl Rose singing lead for AC/DC might have come for the best of both if it only were earlier.

However after years of under the radar rivalry between the biggest names in the rock industry, it is nothing short of ironical in every shady way. Fans have been angry at both the bands ever since the news was made public. Some have even accused them to have succumbed to the simple pleasures of life like money and fame and are accusing them of devaluing something unique as rock music.

This comes as a total outrageous move from both bands. Guns N' Roses fans are not as badly affected as the AC/DC fans. Some fans have even begun accusing the band members of doing wrong and unethical by Brian Johnson. Fans believe that the band has made former lead singer Brian Johnson the scrape goat of their dying fame and just to hype their tour they have thrown him out unceremoniously.

Fans have also said they are deeply saddened that a band as great as AC/DC have begun to embrace publicity stunts. However, the band through its PR team confirmed that Brian could no longer continue with the band due to medical conditions.

It was later made public that Brian if not with immediate effect stopped performing with the band he could risk total hearing loss in one or both his ears. He was earlier diagnosed with partial hearing loss due to years of performance with the band. The main cause being the heavy volume speakers that produced more decibels than that the human ear is accustomed too.

ACDC also produced a joint statement regarding Axl’s appointment as saying that they were “Fortunate and grateful” for Axl’s support and help at times like these. Especially when they are in the middle of one of their biggest world tours taking place after almost a decade.

It has been confirmed by the band that Axl with be joining them at their next stage in Lisbon, Portugal on the 7th of May. Axl’s people have confirmed that he is looking forward to it and will do everything he can for the band and he is grateful towards them for giving him this opportunity and also has said he will make sure he does not disappoint Brian.

The news that has the whole of rock and roll world rocking like it is the 80’s was first believed to have surfaced on the AC/DC twitter page.