Ilfenesh Hadera dating

Ilfenesh Hadera dating rumors. Her affairs and relationship hit every headline

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Ilfenesh Hadera is a well-known emerging actress from America. After she worked in the 2017 movie Baywatch opposite Dwayne Johnson, she gained a huge number of fans following.

As Ilfenesh’s a well-reputed actress, she often gets rumored regarding her personal life. The 31-year-young American beauty doesn’t disclose her personal life with her fans.

Ilfenesh Hadera dating rumors?

In Hollywood, we often see the actors dating their fellow actors. During the filming and post production, the actors spend most of their time together which sometimes gives them the sufficient period to develop their relation.

Famous American actress Ilfenesh Hadera

Famous American actress Ilfenesh Hadera, Source:

They frequently seem with each other for a long time. And it makes the media easier to make their speculation that they are dating each other whether they actually do or not. Well, apart from the trend, the gorgeous American diva Ilfenesh is dating a bartender currently.

Source: Instagram

Yes! What you hear is right. She is having a quite good time with her boyfriend Alexandra Soroken who is a bartender from his profession. According to the source, the loving couple also engaged a few months ago. However, no officials confirmed their engagement.

Ilfenesh Hadera’s other affairs and love relations

Well, on crossing the age of 30, the Bay Watch actress Ilfenesh might have gone through a number of love relations. But, the American star doesn’t disclose anything from her personal life and dating history. Well, there are a lot of celebrities who disclose their personal life for just getting attention from the public.

Source: Instagram

But, Hadera doesn’t put her in this category. On the other hand, while using the social media like Twitter and Instagram, she usually tries to focus only on her profession. She definitely shares a lot of stuff from her life but only from the professional life. So, we couldn’t say whom she dated in her past.

On turning to her professional career, she’s going quite well with this. Her recent movie Baywatch is doing quite well in the box office. Well, she first received the confirmation of her cast in the movie in January 2016 by her co-star Dwayne Johnson.

Ilfenesh Hadera with the Baywatch team

Ilfenesh Hadera with the Baywatch team, Source:

Afterward, in 2017 February, she was cast in the ABC drama pilot Deception. In the television sitcom, she worked as a lead actress opposite of Jack Cutmore-Scott. It’s an FBI crime drama procedural created by Chris Fedak.

Michael Christopher Foley married

Is Michael Christopher Foley married or single? Know his past affairs

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Michael Christopher Foley is a 31-year-old American guy currently working as an associate director in Manhattan. He purchased commercial airtime, for OMD, a division of Omnicom, the advertising company.

But letting all his professional life aside, you guys might hit a bump if you get to know about Christopher’s personal side of life. Just so you know, he is gay and is married to Christopher Lucas.

Michael Christopher Foley’s married Christopher Lucas

Not all the countries have legalized the gay marriage. If you are a gay by your sexuality and living in a country that legalized the gay marriage then you are few of the lucky couples. Likewise, the advertising company director Michael Foley is a lucky person who is married to Lucas.

Michael Christopher Foley and Christopher Lucas

Michael Christopher Foley and Christopher Lucas, Source:

Michael and Lucas remained in the relationship for over seven years before they thought about their marriage. The New York native Christopher Foley is a current senior manager of magazine strategy at Macy’s.

Michael, an associate director of OMD met his current wife Lucas at the time they both were working at the same media agency, MediaCom. Both were the new hires at that time and they built their friendship since then.

Later on, Lucas told a magazine, “I always knew Michael would be the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with ever since I met him and went on our first

Before they married in June 2015, they remained as an engaged couple for about one and a half year. Later on, they organized their marriage ceremony in Stony Brook, New York. And The New York Times first announced their marriage officially.

After the marriage, Lucas told that he proposed his husband Michael in Ireland at the Cliffs of Mother. He also added, he knew that going Ireland would be the best place to propose him for the marriage as Ireland is Michael’s best and favorite place.

Christopher Lucas

Christopher Lucas, Source: Twitter

One most important thing changed the scenario of their love life at its beginning and at the current time. It’s the rule that the United States implemented helped the couples like them to be treated as other normal couples. Lucas also told on the same topic as:

“It feels amazing to now have the [same] rights as every other couple in the United States and have our marriage recognized in any state. I am sure in years to come, younger generations will wonder why this was ever an issue”


Kane Brown engaged

Kane Brown engaged to Katelyn Jae and planning on getting married soon, Know his affairs and relationship

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Kane Brown is a rising singer and songwriter from America; currently known as country music singer. The American music artist Kane is popular in social media like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Well, if you are a fan of the singer, then there is good news for you. He is now engaged.

Yes! You read it right. Kane, the 23-year-young Georgia singer became engaged to his girlfriend Katelyn Jae in this April.

Kane Brown engaged to Katelyn Jae

The rising American singer Kane Brown surprised his fans by his engagement with his girlfriend. The lovebirds engaged in the early week of April 2017. Singer Kane only made his fans aware of his engagement on April 18.

Adorable couple Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae engaged

Adorable couple Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae engaged, Source:

The famous Thunder in the Rain singer Kane announced his engagement during his show in Philadelphia on April 18. Right at the moment, a Twitter user from his fans shared the sweet reveal on social media. In the video, the singer said, ”It’s hard to do this job- you know, there’s girl involved- you’ve got to stay out of trouble, it’s really hard”

According to the source, Kane began dating his fiancee Kate in 2015 who is also a singer from countryside America. We don’t know whether it’s maturity or the immaturity that they took the decision of their marriage at an early stage of their life.

Is the Couple planning for marriage?

After the couple started their relation back in 2015, they spent quite a lot of time together. Well, they didn’t really hide their relationship from the public and with their fans. The couple frequently shared their romantic times together with their fans via social media.

The gorgeous couple Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae

The gorgeous couple Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae, Source:

At the starting of 2017, singer Kane made his fans aware of his relationship status with his Instagram post. He then told that he found the other half of his life just a year ago. He also wrote, ”if you are my fan you won’t go mad! You will just accept it and be happy that I found the other half.’

So it’s not that much surprise for Kane’s fans to hear their engagement. As smoothly and rapidly the couple was moving in the relation, his followers were dead sure that he’s gonna take his affair to the destination soon.

The fabulous lovebirds Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae

The fabulous lovebirds Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae, Source:

Now, the question raises about the couple when are they really marrying? Well, after the country singer announced his engagement in Philadelphia, he hasn’t revealed his further plan about his relation. He didn’t share when will he marry with his fiancee. So, for now, we can only assume that they are just taking their time to tie a knot with each other.

Michael Rosenbaum's girlfriend

Who is Michael Rosenbaum’s girlfriend? Know his affairs and relationship

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The famous American TV actor, producer, and comedian Michael Rosenbaum; he isn’t married yet. The famous Sorority Boys actor Michael; despite being in his forties is taking his time to tie a knot with. He gained good fans following through his twenty-year-long work in his field; frequently follow his personal life.

The 44-year American actor Michael keeps his personal life beyond the media radar; makes it difficult to know for his fans. However, today we are gonna tell you about his personal life and about his girlfriends. Wanna know about it? Stay with us.

Who is Michael Rosenbaum’s girlfriend?

The gorgeous American actor Michael Rosenbaum seems complacent with his current relationship status. The 44-year-old bachelor doesn’t have any girlfriend either. However, he’s in a good term friendship with his co-star Sara Rue; disclosed much more stuff from his personal life recently.

An American actor and producer Michael Rosenbaum

An American actor and producer Michael Rosenbaum, Source:

In a recent, during their joint interview with the People, Sara exclusively revealed that the actor’s relationship status is single. Moreover, Sara also left the message for Michael’s ladies fans and all the women desiring to date him. She told, “He is a very nice guy highly recommend him if anybody is looking for a boyfriend that I think that one day you could be a marriage material. Don’t you think so?

Michael Rosenbaum and his co-star Sara Rue

Michael Rosenbaum and his co-star Sara Rue, Source:

Sara also revealed in the interview that Michael is like a boss for her. During the same interview, after listening to Sara’s statement, Michael also expressed his desire as he’d be a dad one day. This showed the currently single man Michael isn’t planning to be single throughout his life.

Furthermore, before he started living a completely single life, he linked in few relations with his girlfriends. So, let’s check his past relations and affairs.

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Michael Rosenbaum’s previous relationships and affairs

Though Michael lives a single life currently, he linked in a few love relations in his past. According to the source, Angela Steelman is his first girlfriend. It’s not well mentioned but he probably dated his first girlfriend before he pursued his career in acting.

Michael Rosenbaum's first girlfriend Angela Steel

Michael Rosenbaum’s first girlfriend Angela Steel, Source:

Later on, Michael dated a Canadian Actress. Laura’s Michael’s last girlfriend; dated from 2012 to 2013. Before his relationship with Laura, he was in a relationship with an American actress Candice Accola for a short period of time period of time.

famous Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort

famous Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort, Source:

Apart from these few relations, Michael also involved in some other relations as well. Some of them are Danielle Harris, Marina Drujko, and Angel Boris Reed. Michael currently doesn’t show any interest to date anyone but he might have a relation in a near future as he mentioned in his interview with People

Kate Middleton's husband

Know about Kate Middleton’s husband Prince William, alongside their married life

Kate Middleton is a Royal Highness of Cambridge, married to Prince William since 2011. The Reading, England-born Kate is a 35-year-old lady mostly famous for being a wife of Prince William. Prince William is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales.

The 34-year-old Prince’s William’s marriage with Kate Middleton gained a huge attention from all across the world. Do they have any child together? How is their married life going? So, if you wanna know how their married life is going stay with us.

Kate Middleton’s husband Prince William

Kate first met her husband Prince William in December 2003 and after a short time, she started dating William. According to the source, Kate remained as William’s girlfriend for over five years before she engaged to him.

Kate Middleton and Prince William after engagement

Kate Middleton and Prince William after an engagement, Source:

Kate became engaged to Prince William in November 2010; the Clarence House announced on November 10, 2010. One month before the engagement, Prince William proposed Kate during a holiday in Kenya after asking her father for her hand.

Katy faced an immense criticism as ‘waity Katie’ as she didn’t do any job after her relationship with the Prince. Her wait ended in a sweet way when the Prince proposed her with an engagement ring worn by William’s late mother Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton and Prince William on their marriage

Kate Middleton and Prince William on their marriage, Source:

After six months of her engagement, she married Prince in a huge royal ceremony on April 29, 2011. Prior to her marriage, Queen Elizabeth conferred her with a title of Catherine. During their over five years long married relation with Prince William, she became a mother for Twice.

Kate Middleton and Price William with their children

Kate Middleton and Price William with their children, Source:

The couple welcomed their first child, Prince George born on 22 July 2013. And they gave birth to their second child a daughter, Princess Charlotte on 2 May 2015. And the couple is currently expecting their third child together as per the sources.

Know more about Kate Middleton and Her Husband Prince William

Well, by now we came to know that Kate Middleton married the Cambridge Prince. But you might be unaware of her previous life before becoming a princess. So, let’s have a closer look on her past life.

The Great Britain's Princess Kate Middleton

The Great Britain’s Princess Kate Middleton, Source:

Kate Middleton; born on January 9, 1982, in Reading, Berkshire to airline employees Michael and Carole Middleton. She also has a younger sister, Philippa and a younger brother, James. Kate, in 2001, joined the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland.

Later on, she moved into St. Salvator’s Hall-the same dormitory as Prince William of Wales. And since then the couple became good friends and started sharing their free times.

The Great Britain Prince William

The Great Britain Prince William, Source:

Prince William, the 34-year-old Cambridge Prince born at the St. Mary’s Hospital, London. He educated at four different schools at his childhood. Afterward, he obtained a degree from the University of St Andrews.

Jenna Dewan's breakfast with Channing Tatum

Jenna Dewan goes on breakfast with her husband Channing Tatum, Know her affairs and relationship

It’s often said that romance decreases between the couple after their marriage. But unlikely the romance still continues for the American actress Jenna Dewan even after nine long years of marriage. She recently spotted enjoying her breakfast with her husband Channing Tatum in Los Angeles.

Jenna Dewan; a versatile actress and dancer of Hollywood rose to the fame after she appeared as Nora in the2006 film Step Up. The 36-year-old American Diva shares a good marital relation with husband Channing. While she also dated a few number of boyfriends before she met husband, Channing.

Gorgeous Actress Jenna Dewan went for a breakfast with Husband Channing Tatum

Actress Jenna reached LA with her husband Channing at the premiere of the new NBC series World of Dance. It held in the LA on 31st May and the show is currently hitting the television ratings in America. The stuff that took a more limelight than that is the breakfast date of Jenna with husband Channing on Wednesday morning.

Actress Jenna Dewan and her husband Channing Tatum after their breakfast in LA

Actress Jenna Dewan and her husband Channing Tatum after their breakfast in LA, Source:

The stunning Step Up actress and dancer showcased her toned figure in a split side sweater, flashing the toned waist. On the other hand, Channing, the American actor of 37 looked as simple as always; walking on a sported denim jeans behind his wife of eight years.

Actress Jenna Dewan after premiere of the World of Dance

Actress Jenna Dewan after the premiere of the World of Dance, Source:

The greatly in love married couple went for a sweet breakfast on Wednesday morning as they got some spare time over there. They spotted at Jennifer Lopez’s house watching the premiere of World of Dance on Tuesday night.

Jenna Dewan’s Married life with Channing Tatum and Her Previous Relations too

Well, one of the greatly admired married couple of the Hollywood Jenna and Channing lives a healthy married life. After the couple married on July 11, 2009, they have spent a lot more quality times with each other. Prior to the marriage, the couple dated each other for over three years.

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The couple first met each other in 2006 on the set of their movie Step Up. They developed a good relation during they’re working on the film and started dating soon after. The couple became engaged by the September 2008 after being together for over two years.

Actor Channing Tatum with wife Jenna Dewan

Actor Channing Tatum with wife Jenna Dewan, Source:

The couple took no longer time than nine months after their engagement to tie a knot with. They took a vow at the Church state Vineyards in Malibu. During their eight years long marital relation, they celebrated their parenthood for once. They welcomed their first baby girl in June 2013.

Jenna Dewan and her ex-boyfriend Shane West

Jenna Dewan and her ex-boyfriend Shane West, Source:

Before Jenna developed her relation with husband Channing, she dated two more boyfriends according to the source. Her relation with the actor Shane West took a good limelight at the E-town. She dated the American actor Shane for about two years starting from 2003 and she broke up with her in 2005. Apart from Shane, she also dated an American singer Justin Timberlake for a few month in 2002.

Jovita Moore famous

Journalist Jovita Moore famous on Twitter; Know her career and personal life

Journalism is a sector where various types of persons want to make their career. But not all of them can achieve what they want. None the less it needs continuous endeavor and focuses on attaining the position at any field you want. And Jovita Moore is one of them who kept their vision stuck at a point.

Moore is an American news presenter and reporter currently working for WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, she presents the daily newscast of WSB-TV, from 5 to 6 and 11 to 11:30 in the evening. After she became the public figure, people want to know more about her and her personal life.

Jovita Moore: Famous as Local News Presenter, especially on Twitter

Before moving to Atlanta, Moore worked for sometimes as a weekend anchor/reporter at WMC-TV in Memphis. Moore started her career in journalism back in 1990 with KFSM-TV in Arkansas. Whereas, she associated with the WSB network in 1998.

WSB-TV news reporter Jovita Moore

WSB-TV news reporter Jovita Moore, Source:

Jovita mainly reports from the countryside and local area in the Alabama. Besides, her profession as a journalist, she also gives her time speaking to school groups, hosting events for the community, and mentoring students. She also runs an NGO Live to Prosper.

After three years she joined the WSB network, she received an Emmy for her outstanding medical reporting for her two-part series, Women, and Fibroids in 2001.

The Alabama’s news reporter is famous on Twitter also. She currently has over 30,000 followers on her twitter. There are some especial facts which make her more than an ordinary reporter on the social site.

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Source: Twitter

According to some sites, the reason behind her popularity on twitter is she gives what and when the viewers want. She always becomes ready to offer advice and more importantly, she is the one whom you can trust fully.

Jovita Moore’s personal life and career in Philanthropy

Turning upon the personal life, Jovita doesn’t share her personal life with her fans and public. Despite being a public figure, she managed to keep her personal life well wrapped up. She is a passionate mentor. Moore also advocates on single mother welfare.

Jovita Moore in her studio

Jovita Moore in her studio, Source:

Though she publicly concealed her personal life, we have some clue about it. Jovita is a mother of three children. However, she never disclosed about their father. As a single mother, she well managed her career alongside giving sufficient time to them.

In some interviews, Moore told that her children Shelby, Marley, and Josh are her significant and one of the greatest achievements of her life. She doesn’t show her zeal to talk anything about the relationship with her boyfriends and partners.

Source: Instagram

Besides her profession and Moore also engages herself into some philanthropic deeds. She served her community as a member of Outstanding Atlanta’s class of 2004 and Leadership Atlanta’s Class of 2007. On the other hand, she’s running her own non-profit youth organization ‘Live to Prosper’.

Sarah Spain married

Sarah Spain married to Brad Zibung, Know their relation and children

A famous American journalist Sahara Spain works as an anchor, radio host and sports reporter. The gorgeous American sports journalist Sarah currently works as the columnist for, and reporter and radio host for the famous sports network ESPN.

We can rarely hear about the personal lives of journalists despite the public want to know about it. Likewise, Sarah’s personal life remained far from the media radar for a long time, however, from last few years her love life has also gained remarkable limelight.

Who is sportscaster Sarah Spain married to?

Not every couple is blessed that they could turn their love relation into a wonderful marriage. Sarah Spain and Brad Zibung are one of those lucky couples who turned their relationship into a marriage.

Source: Instagram

Sarah and Brad tied a knot on May 29, 2016, in Chicago. The couple took a vow in front of over 300 guests including family and friend. As per some sources, her husband Brad is the creator of the satirical sports site ”The Hecker.”

Source: Instagram

The couple tied a knot after dating each other for more than six years. The couple believed that they are a perfect match and made for each other. After their marriage, they celebrated their honeymoon in the following November. They managed their time during the 40th birthday Brad Zibung.

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How the couple met each other?

Well, after knowing the couple’s romantic love relation, people still want to know how the couple met for the first time? According to the sources, the couple first met each other in 2008 during the charity bowling event; hosted by Brent Seabrook.

Source: Instagram

After their first meeting, they increased their closeness via Facebook. Even the couple set their first dating through the Facebook message; the couple first dated each other in 2009. Sources also say, at the time Spain didn’t know Zibung well as he had the different Facebook identity.

Coming to the year 2011, they started to live together as a living couple. After living as a couple for around four years, they finally, decided to live as a husband-wife in 2016.

American sports correspondent Sarah Spain

American sports correspondent Sarah Spain, Source:

Having a child flourishes the relation of a couple. It strengthens the relationship between the married couple. However, the couple; Sarah Spain and Brad Zibung haven’t given birth to any child yet. They still have time to think about the child.

There is also no news of her pregnancy either. It’s possibly indicating that the couple is not making their mind to have a child any soon. They might make their fans aware of the matter if they’ll prepare for it in future as they both use social site actively.

Sarah Spain’s career in short

Sarah started her career soon after completing her graduation. in her starting days, Sarah worked with various small corporations like Fox Sports Net,, She also made her appearance as a recurring guest-host of WGN’s radio show ‘ChicagoNow Radio’.

Famous American sportscaster Sarah Spain

Famous American sportscaster Sarah Spain, Source:

Later, Spain gave her few years working as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network and hosted the Coors Light Fantasy Players Minute. Her career took a sharp turn after she joined the ESPN network.

Sarah began working with ESPN network based in Chicago in 2010. Once, during an interview, Sarah explained that she faced the severe harassment during her first TV job interview. As she said it, it swirled over the media but, later it went faded.

Robert Herjavec's relation

Robert Herjavec’s relation with Kym Johnson? They’re living with their children

How to describe him? He’s a businessman, investor, entrepreneur, and a television personality. We’re talking about Robert Herjavec. A Croatian-Canadian businessman, a native of Croatia began his business career as a film producer and director before joining IBM mainframe emulation boards.

Well, the 54-year CEO of the Herjavec Group. He’s one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world. We all know about his prosperity and success in business, but do you know about his personal life? How is his relationship going with his wife Kym Johnson? Who’s his previous wife?

Robert Herjavec’s relation with Kym Johnson

The famous Croatian-Canadian entrepreneur and businessman Robert’s currently in a marital relation with wife Kym Johnson. The couple married just a year ago after dating each other. Kym’s an Australian professional ballroom dancer and television performer of age 40.

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec on their outing

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec on their outing, Source:

Before the couple tied a knot, they dated each other for a good period of time. Kym and Robert fell in love with each other during season 20 of Dancing with the Stars in early 2015. Later, in an interview, Kym revealed they remained as a friend before they became a lovebird.

Source: Instagram

After they became a couple, they frequently went on dates. Despite their old age, they showed their great passion towards the love relation. In an interview, Robert revealed he felt grateful to have a girlfriend like Kym and meeting her on Dancing with the Stars.

After dating around a year, the former Dancing with the Stars partner Robert and Kym engaged in February 2016. Robert popped the question to the gorgeous Australian lady with a sparkling 6.5 carat ring in last February.

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec became engaged

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec became engaged, Source:

Later Herjavec shared his feelings with People as: ” I still can’t believe that a year after walking into a dance studio of all places, my life has changed this much.” He added; “Kym is an incredible woman and I’m just so excited for what the future brings for us.”

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson married, know their children too

The adorable love couple remained engaged for around five months. And later, in July 2016, they married in front of family and friends in Los Angeles. According to People, the bride in a Monique Lhuillier strapless gown looked stunning.

Kym Johnson and Robert Harjavec in their marriage

Kym Johnson and Robert Harjavec in their marriage, Source:

They’ll celebrate their first marriage anniversary in this July, however, the couple hasn’t given birth to any child. There is no any news of their plan about child either. Robert has three children from his previous relationship so they might not bear any other child in the future.

Before Robert built his relation with his current wife Kym, He remained in the married relation for 25-long years. He married Diane Plese in 1990. In their 25 years long married relation they gave birth to three children; two daughters, Caprice and Skye, and a son Brendan Herjavec. Their relation ruined after the couple separated legally in 2015.

Robert Herjavec and his ex-wife Diane Plese

Robert Herjavec and his ex-wife Diane Plese, Source:

Later on, Herjavec revealed his mental condition after his marriage fell apart. He shared that he lost hope and once he even thought of committing suicide. But the scenario changed as he met his current wife Kym. The couple legally divorced in 2016 after separating legally in 2015.



Andrea Barber divorced Jeremy Rytky, who is she dating currently? Know her current affairs

What comes to your mind when you hear Andrea Barber’s name? A gorgeous lady, right? Yes! She is a beautiful American actress of 40. Andrea made her recognition in the film world as Kimmy Gibbler in the ABC sitcom Full House and its Netflix spin-off series Fuller House.

We all are aware of the gorgeous American diva’s career. But, not all of us might be aware of her personal life. She divorced her husband Jeremy Rytky in 2014. What is her relationship status after she divorced her husband? Let’s know whether she is dating someone or not.

Andrea Barber divorced Jeremy Rytky after 12 long years of marriage

The famous Fuller House’s actress Andrea married her boyfriend Jeremy Rytky on September 1, 2002. According to the sources, the couple dated fro around two years before tying a knot. The couple fell in love sometimes after meeting in 2000 and spent some quality time with each other.

American actress Andrea Barber

American actress Andrea Barber, Source:

Andrea never revealed more about her relationship with her husband. Even, it’s unknown about the identity of Jeremy. The couple celebrated their parenthood for twice. They have two children together; a son Tate and a daughter Felicity.

Andrea Barber with her ex-husband Rytky Jeremy and children

Andrea Barber with her ex-husband Rytky Jeremy and children, Source:

All matters went right between the couple for over a decade. But from the starting of 2014, there started something unusual between the couple and later that year, the couple started to live separately. And by the end of 2014, the couple separated with a legal divorce.

Who is Andrea Barber currently dating?

It’s almost three years since Barber separated with her husband Jeremy. But, she still lives a single life and she seems happy with her current relationship status. It’s necessary to have someone with you who supports you in your difficult condition and celebrates your happiness.

Source: Instagram

But, it’s not the compulsion. Someone like Barber can still be happy without in a relation. Keeping all the relationship stuff aside, Barber focuses on her career in acting currently. After her divorce, she’s handling both her career and rearing of her children simultaneously.

Forgetting the past, Barber’s continuing her career as an actress. Coming to 2016, She worked on the television sitcom Fuller House which in actual is a remake of her widely successful series Full House. She seemed quite excited about the series as she also tweeted about it in November 2016.

Source: Twitter

Recently in January 2017, the series won the People Choice Award which is the greatest achievement of it indeed. After the show won the award, it’s creator Jeff Franklin tweeted as “We got it, dude!” to commemorate the show’s win.