Lee Seo-Jin's Marraige Rumors

Lee Seo-Jin’s Marraige Rumors, currently Dating his Girlfriend

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Lee Seo-Jin is a South Korean actor and he grabs peoples’ interest with everything he does. Well, celebrities, you know.

Recently, Lee-Seo hit the news with the rumors of his marriage, and when the rumors broke out on the internet, his fans got more curious to know about his lady. So let’s dig into it.

Lee-Seo rumors to be married?

Known for his reality shows like Three Meals a Day and Grandpa Over Flowers, Lee has won million of hearts with some of the historical drama Demo, Yi San, Gyebaek, and Marriage contract. It’s obvious after being a public face even the minor things makes lots of gossip same happened to Lee as in past month he was rumored to be married.

So is this just a rumor? If not is he really married?  Who are the girlfriends? One of the most openly affectionate couples in the K-entertainment,  Lee-Seo and Kim Jung-Eun were largely expected to ties in this year.

Image result for Lee sung Jin

Lee-Seo Jin.Source: Allkpop

Lee and Kim started dating back in 2006 while filming SBS drama Lovers. Since then, their relationship going strong. This couple was open about their relationship and even were spotted in many public events.

The bond between them was so strong that in several shows of Kim, Lee used to appear to support and cheer her up.

Image result for Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung-Eun

Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin, Source: Crunchyroll

But sadly their relationship didn’t go well. When this ex-couple traveled to the U.S together in New York, this was where the rumors of their split spread on the internet.

Image result for Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung-Eun

Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin, source: POPSEOUL!

Kim Jung personal confirmed the rumors in November 2016. It was a bit of shock for all the fans as there were no signs of trouble in their relationship.

But all decisions was of Lee who initiated the breakup. So the rumors of his marriage are just a rumor. Lee is single for now.

Lee-Seo love affairs and relationship

Leo, himself have revealed that he likes plumped and cheerful women. But all the things don’t go at own will. His past relationship didn’t do well as there was break up and few of them was just a rumor.

Image result for Lee sing Jin and Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji Woo Reveals Vacationing Photos With “Twenty Again” Co-Star Lee Sang Yoon ,SOURCE: Soompi

If we look back at the dating history of Lee than only one name pops out and that is Choi Ji Woo. You might know this actress from the variety show ” Grandpa Over Flowers”. Their appealing chemistry set the rumors of dates.

Image result for Lee sing Jin and Choi Ji Woo

KSW, Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jung Jin. BTS of Kdrama “Temptation”, SOURCE: Pinterest

However, in many of the interview, Choi denied of being in a relationship with Lee. She said:

‘Does co-stars mean dating partners after all, Not necessarily, but it was apparent that they liked each other”.

Choi further revealed that workers from the set suggested to date, Lee.

Image result for lee sung jin and UEE kissing

Lee Seo Jin  and UEE in Marriage Contract source: DramaFever

Lee was rumored dating UEE after a chemistry between them on-screen was rumored out off the screen. Love scenes and kiss scene in Marriage contract set the rumors and UEE revealed much about how she feels about Lee Seo Jin.






Carlo Boszhard's Relationship

Carlo Boszhard’s Relationship with Herald Adolfs, know her Affairs

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Love is Love, whether a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman, it’s something we don’t have control over. Whatever is the sexuality is, true love must be pure and as Mahatma Gandhi said: “Where is love, there is life”. Carlo, Bozshard, a Netherland TV personality is a true inspiration for all the people who support gay marriage and love between them.

Many of you might not be familiar with the name Carlo, but we have to dig up some interesting facts about him which are quite amazing. Some of you might be eager to know that, is he single? If not is he married? Let’s find out.

Carlo Boszhard in relationship with Herald Adolfs

Amsterdam born Netherland actor, Carlo is also a TV presenter and is famously known for shows like Telekids, Life and Cooking, Carlo and Irene show. It’s not easy being different from others. When it comes to revealing your sexuality, there is a fear for everyone heart that whether the society will accept them or not.

Thanks to Carlo, and other gay celebrities like him who have stepped forward and are a true inspiration for homosexuals.

Carlo Boszhard Source: Taddlr

Carlo has been in relationships with other many celebrities but currently, he is with writer Herlad Adolfs. You might know him with the movies like De TV Katine, Gay in Amsterdam and Seane.

Carlo Boszhard en Herald Adolfs,Source: Weekend

Some resources have revealed that they are dating since 2008. The 48-year-old, Carlo is in a serious relationship with Herald as it has been nine years of their relationship and there are no rumors of their break up or fights.

If we take a quick look at Carlo Instagram, there are many of his posts along with his boyfriend Herald. In vacations, dinner and even in public they have snapped their memorable moments.

Most of the time, they spent the time together and spotted in many public events.

However, after years relationship, they haven’t yet decided to take their relationship to the next step.

Carlo Bozshard and Eloy De Jong,Source: Fotoarchief Peter Smulders BV

Previously, Carlo was linked with Eloy De Jong for more than four years.

However, in coming days we wish to hear more good news from this couple.

Who is Carlo Bozshard?

TV personality, singer, and impersonator and host, Carlo Bozshard is best known for his 1993 show,  with RTL 4’s Telekids, co-starring Irene Moors, which rendered them both and the television show famous in the Netherlands.

The 48-year-old, Carlo debuted in the television world in 1998 show Pauze TV in which he served as a host.

Carlo Boszhard & Irene Moors,Source: Carlo Boszhard & Irene Moors Online

His works include on shows like Cash en Carlo, The Price is Right, McCarlo and Monte Calrlo. Apart from this, he is a voice actor for movies likes Mulan, Frozen, Shrek, The Magic Voyage and Ice Age.

We wish for the better future for Carlo in coming future.

Carmen Electra's Unsucessful Marriage

Carmen Electra’s Unsucessful Marriage, who is she Dating currently?

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Lots of celebrities hit the limelight when it comes to their personal life. Love affairs and break ups are the main reason, often celebrities come in the news. Today’s news is no different than that. Carmen Electra is an American actress who had bad relationships in the past which turned from bad to worse as the day passed by.

If you look back at her relationships, you will notice that she was married twice and has been engaged with few celebrities. Most of the celebrities professional and personal life doesn’t go along.

Carmen Electra dates in 2017

The 45-year-old actress Carmen Electra is recognized mostly for her role as Lani McKenzie on the television series Baywatch. After debuting in the industry with a movie American Vampire, this actress has come a long way as one of the best actresses in Hollywood.

Her last movie was Perfect Catch and since then she had kept her personal life away from the media and somehow maintained a low-key life. But her fans are eager to know what she has been doing in recent days? Is she dating someone? As far as we know in May 2017, Carmen launched lingerie line and revealed that she is single.

Carmen Electra ,Source: CelebMafia

Some of the sources have revealed that Carmen is currently single. But this might be just a rumors. Despite being in her 40s it’s hard to believe this gorgeous still in her single life.

American Vampire was previously married not once but twice. Her failed relationship and married life maybe the one reason, Electra haven’t jumped into any relationship yet.

Carmen Electra strips down to black lace lingerie in photo shoot after recent partying at Coachella, Source:The Sun

Judging from her Instagram post, Carmen is seen some of the men, snapping pictures. However, they are just their co-stars and close friends.

Still, in her age, Carmen is looking gorgeous and maintaining body figures and looking beautiful as always. It might not be wrong to say Electra can still win hearts of many hunks Hollywood. Besides her love life, what is she doing in 2017?

Carmen Electra ar Baywatch, Source: The Sun

But in April bombshell Carmen is spotted with the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson at multiple occasions.

In 2017, Carmen is busy with her photo shoots and TV show as in April Electra stripped down completely to black lingerie after recently partying at Coachella.

Cameron and Tommy Lee right after party at Coachella. source: Logo

In the upcoming year, the actress will appear in the biographical documentary, Finding Sandler. Apart from these, it doesn’t look like she has any other project.

Carmen Electra past relationship and love affairs

It’s obvious that when you are celebrities than with no doubt, you have past relationship and love affairs in the past. Carmen is no exceptional case. With failed marriage and some break ups, Carmen love life never took a smooth road.

Back in 1998, Carmen dated an NBA star, Dennis Rodman. After some months of the relationship, they married in the same year at Little Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas.But this marriage turned into chaos after Rodman filed for annulment claiming he was of “unsound when the couple wed”.

Dennis Rodman and  Carmen Electra Source: For The Win – USA Today

However, they carried on their married life for another five years and decided to end it. Carmen with lots of emotion opened about brief marriage to Dennis in 2014 and said she started drinking after splitting with Dennis.

Carmen Electra and David  Navarro, Source: Daily Mail

Just after few years, Electra married for the second time with the lead guitarist Dave Navarro for the band Jane’s Addiction. Their whole marriage was documented in an MTV  reality television show named “Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave”.Like her previous relationship, this married life of Carmen didn’t have a happy ending as on July 17, 2016, Carmen and Navarro announced their separation.

Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra, Source: Daily Mail

On February 20, 2007, their divorce was finalized. In April 2008, Electra shocks her fans when the rumors of her engagement with Rob Patterson spread like a wildfire on the internet. However, they didn’t bother to take their relationship to another level.

Carmen Electra and Rob Patterson, source: Zimbio

Americans Got Talent judge Simon Cowell was linked with Carmen for short period in 2012. In 2014, Carmen opens about a brief relationship with Simon and says he’s awesome and charming.

Victoria Sinclair Single

Is Victoria Sinclair Single or Married? Who is she Dating currently?

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Some times job becomes very hard, but when it comes to taking off your clothes as part of it then it’s even harder. Let’s imagine your job is to strip naked on a live show while you anchor the show. It will be a nightmare and be embarrassing at the same time but there are some people out there who actually made it possible.  You might have some hint what we are going to talk about today.

Naked News, a Canadain softcore pornographic subscription website is owned by eGalaxy Inc. In this news, there are a bunch of strippers who read actual news stripping themselves. It’s very surprising that people are loving it.

Is Victoria Sinclair Single or Married?

Victoria Sinclair, a news anchor from the Naked News is a Canadian actress and was an instrumental in the program’s development for many years. Victoria was the only one anchor at the beginning for this website. After few months, this unexpected news site racked millions of views overnight and was popularized entirely by word of mouth.

So is this Canadain beauty single? As she is one of the popular faces in the website, people want to know more about her. If she is not single,  is she married?

Victoria Sinclair, source: Flickriver

Victoria is among the celebrities who came into the limelight for few years and just vanished when days passed by. Sinclair left News anchor back in 2015 and since then she hasn’t been active much.

If you take a quick look at Victoria’s Instagram, she doesn’t post much and doesn’t share anything. It’s pretty weird though.

Victoria Sinclair, source: bi.phncdn.

On the other hand, Victoria hardly drops any picture of her being cozy with other men. There is just the post of her from work and vacations.

Victoria Sinclair, source:

However, in an interview, Victoria revealed that her boyfriend works on eGalaxy Inc. Apart from these, no further information is there no this Canadian beauty love life.

However, some resources have revealed that she is still single.

We hope in near future Sinclair speaks more about her personal life.


Victoria Sinclair and Naked News

What a way to make a boring news into an interesting one. Along the reporters, anchor takes off their clothes while reading news. Attractive women on set and it’s quite obvious that people will less focus on news. So what is Naked News?

Naked News is a soft porn program and site in which they get attractive women to read the news while they strip down completely.

Here is the censored video of Naked News.

This program was broadcasted on the website in Canada in 1999, billing itself “the program with nothing to hide.”And after 30 years, thanks to desperate people around the world, this is still going on.

Victoria is the first anchor to strip down for Naked News and in an interview with Victoria, she said that it was never easy for her to do that. It took lots of years to be used to it. And also revealed that during news anchoring only cameraman, soundman, and anchor are present in the room.

In recent days there are only eight anchors as Victoria left the program in 2015.

Angelo Keder Single

Is Angelo Keder Single? Let’s discuss his Relationship

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In the list of celebrities who like to keep their personal life away from the media, Angelo Keder is no exceptional case. Many of you might know much about Angelo. As he rarely makes public appearances besides for his movie promotions. But there are millions of fans of Angelo who are eager to know about his personal life.

Many of you who are not familiar with Angelo, he is a Swedish contemporary artist and worked on the various famous national museum in Sweden but he is famous worldwide for his art fairs.

Is Angelo Keder Single?

There is not much of information, on Angelo love affairs. After surfing hours on the internet, we have some interesting fact about Kedar. Despite being one of the recognized artists, it’s hard to believe that his love affairs never hit the news.

The personal life of Angelo has been under the curtains for many years. You will be surprised to know, that Angelo himself hasn’t spoken much about him in any interview.

Angelo Keder, Source:

Angelo Keder’s arts can be bought through the website.

When it comes to his personal life, yet it’s still under the shade. Kedar age, family, and even his dating history aren’t much revealed.

It’s obvious if you are famous then you probably got social media, However, Angelo still have no any social media accounts. So it’s hard to find any information on his love affairs.

Angelo Keder at his young age, Source:

Judging from his pictures that are rarely found on the internet, we can guess that his age. With the white beard and dad costume, he seems to be around 55.

He might be married because most of the people in his age are married for sure. Wait we are not saying he is married, we are just guessing.

But some of the sources have revealed that he is still single.

We hope in near future, Angelo speaks more about his personal life.

Who is Angelo Keder?

Angelo has been an inspiration for a new artist in this generation, that even there are many news and websites giving a guide for painting like Angelo Keder. One of the living greatest artists, Angelo is Swedish contemporary artist who worked as a transcriber at the famous museum including a National Museum of Art in Stockholm.

Angelo Keder, Source:

Keder made his artistic debut in 1973 at Dickens Gallery located in Lausanne, Switzerland.Since then has been exhibiting at a variety of commercial art galleries and art fairs world wide.

Image result for Work of Angelo keder at national museum sweden

The National Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden, Stockholm, Source: Alamy

But his work got recognized worldwide when he took part at the 1980s exhibiting at various spaces and locations. in Sweden.

The places include Stockholm Art Fair Sollentuna and “Lilla Bleu” in Stockholm, Sweden.

Angelo has worked along with the renowned artist Olle Bonnieer and Peter Dahl.

Zoie burgher Single

Is YouTuber Zoie burgher Single? Disclose her Love Affairs and Relationship

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To get in the game, YouTubers do lots of stuff. From making a dis track pranking entire auditions with prank videos, it’s no doubt that there are few genuine YouTubers out there. Youtuber Zoie Burgher is famously is known for her youtube channel Zoie Burgher, which have gained popularity over past year because of its sexual content.

It was a matter of time her channel grew bigger every month and now she is on her way to be one of the rising stars in youtube. Wearing a bikini and even twerking on online stream have gained some controversial comments on her channel.

Youtuber Zoie Burgher banned after twerking?

Gaming Girl, Zoe days turned worse from bad when she went through legal troubles from youtube. Burgher is a Youtube streamer who has been previously banned twitch because of the sexual content of her videos.

During the live streaming, Zoie gained hatred and as well as much love after twerking and referring herself a “bikini streamer”. It’s quite amazing her daily subscribers are increasing and Inside Luxe Gaming, ‘Egirl’ Zoie Burgher’s Provocative Streaming Empire, there is the lot to expect.

While playing games like Call of Duty and other games, Zoie appears with a smoky hot body in a bikini and panties on. Not only, she is known for playing the game online, Zoie often hits the news with other controversies. Last year twerking bikini vlogger’ speaks out after perv snaps her in the NUDE and said that she was VIOLATED.

It’s obvious that she will gain lots of hatred after such behavior and on response to haters, she said:

“I stream, and all that entails: storytelling, game commentary, chat interaction, fostering a sense of community….while in a bikini,”

It’s surprising to know, people are actually loving it and is racking up millions of views on her channel.

But, the ban has to do nothing with her twerking or stripping off. Burgher online handle is a reference to the character of Zoidberg and all of her YouTube videos have featured overlays displayed on the bottom left.

As a result, owners of  Futurama decided to cease youtube channel of Zoie. However, in a video, Zoie has claimed that it was due to her unusual behavior. But in recent days Burgher is back with her new channel Zoie Burgher and is definitely planning for a youtube reality show: BIKINIS, VIDEO GAMES, AND A CALIFORNIA MANSION.

Zoie Burgher love affairs

With amazing body figures and pretty face, many of you might be wondering this beauty obviously got someone in her life. If we look at the dating history of Zoie there are not much of information on her love affairs. We know that her personal life is now public interest, but she likes to keep it away from the media.

It’s hard to digest, Bikini gamer Zoie despite being one of the YouTubers who shares most of the day to day work never revealed about her love affairs.

If we take a quick look at her Instagram, there are lots posts of her. Burgher rarely drops any hints of her pictures with other men.

When we keep scrolling down her Instagram, then you will only find sizzling and hot pictures of Zoie on vacations.

We hope in near future she opens more about her personal life.


Erin Johnson Single

Is Erin Johnson Single after Dating James Franco? What’s her Relationship Status in 2017

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The Pineexpress Star, James Franco often hits the news with his on and off relationship with c0-stars, singers, and models. The actor has an amazing career and has won the heart of millions of people. Apart from his acting career, people are really eager to know about his love affairs and relationship.

Back in 2014, James Franco dated a blonde. It took no time for the news to spread when he was spotted with the beautiful girl. Everyone got eager and the mystery girl was Erin Jhonson. So what’s their relationship status in 2017?

Erin Jhonson and James Franco in 2017

Franco, fans kept on asking questions when the actor was spotted with a mysterious blonde in Los Angeles back in 2014. After being rumored with Games of Thrones Emilia Clarke, James again got his name linked with a model Erin Jhonson.

James mysterious woman got revealed and the internet went crazy after that. Lots of people kept on searching about the blonde and finally found that she is a professional model.

James Franco and Erin Jhonson, Source:  E! Online

Eric Jhonson is 30 years old model and has modeled on several runways and in campaigns. Apart from this Jhonson appeared in lots of music videos including in Blake Shelton and Pitbull’s music video.

Erin, shared a few pictures from her Instagram with James Franco with a caption The love of my life n the flesh.

Must ReadJames Franco says he’s a little gay.

James Franco and Erin Jhonson, Source: E! Online

 Los Angeles based Model, Erin got her heart stuck on James Franco but this relationship faded away as the day passes by.

There was definitely something between them, but it didn’t last long. Franco moved on and was seen cozying up to another mystery girl with his arms around her.

In another hand, Erin maintained her low-key life. After getting her name linked with James, Jhonson stays away from the media. So was their relationship just a fling?

May be they broke up as there no any Instagram post of James Franco on Jhonson Instagram.

Erin Jhonson dates in 2017

The 30-year-old model made a quick fame back in 2014 when she got in a relationship with Franco. After that this beauty personal life have been completely under the radar.

There are not much of information on Erin, however after hours of surfing the internet and all the facts we collected proves that Erin is in a relationship with a hunk.

If we take a quick look at her Instagram, there are e not much of her post. But in some of them, you can see her getting cozy and kissing a mystery man.

According to the inside source, Erin and this mystery guy have been together for almost two years.

However, the identity of her new boyfriend is still behind the curtain.

MoreoverKeegan Allen and James Franco stripped down for ‘King Cobra.’

Suede Brooks Dating

Is Suede Brooks Dating? Disclose her Relationship and Affairs

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One of the rising youtube stars, Suede Brooks is best known for her vlogs on YouTube channel. Suede has been on youtube for just a few years and it’s surprising to know after just a short period of time, this beauty has gained more than 340K subscribers. And while you are reading this gossip, the number might be going up. This beautiful youtube star, Suede always had a quality that defies her ilk.

Her amazing personality and a beautiful appearance can be one reason.  But who is she dating right now?

Is Suede Brooks Dating?

Suede came to the youtube with her channel, dedicated to fashion and makeup tips.It was a matter of time, she became a public interest as her personal life has become a subject of intense and constant speculation.

The 15-year-old Suede somehow managed to stay in limelight with her vlogs and makeup tutorials. As days passed by people become more interested in her personal life.

Suede Brooks, Source: Pinterest

So you might be wondering who is this gorgeous dating with?  After hours on the internet, we came to know that she is in her single life.

Although she is now a public face, it’s hard to digest that none of the media caught an eye on her dates.

Suede Brooks at her youtube channel, Source: YouTube

If we scroll down the Instagram account of Brooks, there are not much of pictures of her getting cozy with another man. She rarely likes to keep her love affairs under the shade.

There are just pictures of her spending some memorable moments with her friends in vacations and holidays.

So what might be the reason?

Suede is still young, maybe she doesn’t want to be in a relationship because of age? What do you think?

We hope, Brooks will get more success in coming future.

Suede Brooks love affairs and dating history

We all know Brooks is still under the age of 20, but this beauty already has been rumored to be a relationship with famous celebrities in her past. And with between all the rumors, she posted some shocking tweets in twitter, which gave some hints on her love life to fans. So who Suede dated with?

Naill Horan with Suede Brooks, Source: Twitter

In 2016, Brooks fan’s had more reason to be excited as she was spotted with One Direction star Nail Horan. After he was photographed Brooks, Naill’s fans started to ask question Is Niall Horan’s dating?with Some resources revealed that Suede met Nail at a party and they spend some quality time with each other.

Horan was with 15 years old, youtube in LA with pal Charlottee D’alaessia. But 1D and Nial fan didn’t digest the news, as they slammed both on social media.

In the same year, she posted a video on the youtube channel, with a caption we are making out.

Suede is a rising star. As her stardom rises, more people will be interested in her personal life.We wish for her better future in coming days.


Xernona Clayton Married

Is Xernona Clayton Married or Single; what happened After her Husband’s death?

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American Civil rights leader and broadcasting executive Xernona Clayton, she’s known for her work during the Civil Rights movement with Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Clayton is also a television host, producer and a foundation chief of many organizations. Her civic movement and participation in the civil rights gave her a chance to come in public and gain popularity.

Xernona have won hearts of in millions because of her valiant work for civil rights. Her career and personal life never took a smooth road. Clayton passed away and after that what is her relationship status?

Xernona Clayton living happily after years of marriage

The history maker Xernonan Clayton is married to Paul L. Brady. B. After years of their relationship still, their marriage is going strong as always. There are not much of rumors about their break up in recent days.

Xernona’s husband is the first American to be appointed as a Federal Administrative Law Judge in 1974. Bradly was previously married and have a son and a daughter named Paul Jr and.Laura.

Xernona Clayton , source: SaportaReport

There are not much of information about this couple on the internet. Their first encounter, how they started dating,  even their wedding day and much more information are still behind the curtain.

Xernona Clayton with her husband  Paul L. Brady, source: Atlanta Daily World

If we take a quick look at  Clayton’s Instagram, she doesn’t reveal much about her family as she shares from her work and with famous celebrities.

In 2015, Xernona Clayton celebrated her “Life to Remember” documentary with friends and famous name in politics.

Despite having all her ex-boyfriends present, Clayton said:

. “Thank you, Paul, for 40-some-odd years. You’ve made my life happy.”

The 80-year-old  Xernona was married to  Ed Clayton from 1957 until his death in 1966.

The forever-young Xernona is a wonderful wife and a mother. We hope to hear more news from Clayton’s family in coming future.

Who is Xernona Clayton?

The founder, also a President and a CEO of the Trumpt Awards Foundation, Inc, she’s an American civil rights leader and a broadcasting executive. During her presence on Civil  Rights Movement, Xernona worked along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Besides all these, Clayton is well known for her work on television for hosting shows like Prime Time Talk Show.

Before being one of the reowned personalities in the world,  Catlyon was just a normal girl in Muskogee. She earned her undergraduated degree with honors from Tennessee State Agricultural and Industrial College.

Xernona Clayton, source: Pinterest

Xernona began her career in Civil Rights Movement in Chicago with National Urban League in which she worked as an undercover to investigate the racial discrimination done on African Americans. It will be not wrong to call fearless women.

Hyundai Presents ‘#51MilesForward’, A Reception Honoring The 50th Anniversary Of The ‘Selma To Montgomery’ March · Xernona Clayton, source: Getty Images

She worked under the direction of Martin Luther King for organizing events for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Catlyn is the first South African American to host a daily prime time talk show which was broadcasted on WAGA-TV.

Civil rights activist Xernona Clayton, source: Tulsa World

Trumpet foundation was started by Xernona, to honor the achievements of African Americans and civil rights advocates.

For her valient work in social work, Xernona has been awarded with  Bronze Women of the Year, Communications Woman of Achievement Award , National Assocaiation for the advancement for Colored People and the city of Atlanta.

Xernona Clayton, Source: Atlanta’s Black History Makers

Xernona is an author of book  “been marching all the time,” in which she recalls her marches to beat of an racism.

Christine Devine married

Christine Devine married Sean McNabb; disclose her affairs

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A well-known television news anchor Christine Devin is a TV personality on KTTV’s Fox 11 News. Devine co-anchors at the FOX 11 News and as covered biggest news stories including earthquakes, elections, and Riots. Apart from this, she is  Emmy award winner for her service in the news world.

We are all familiar with the professional life of Divine but what about her personal life?Christine has been married for a year and living happily with her husband. Are there any rumors of their split?

Christine Devine married to a musician

Christine is one of the TV personalities who keep their personal life away from the media. Divine rarely hits the news with her personal life. However, some resources revealed that she is married to musician and actor Sean McNabb. But there is not much of information about their marriage.

Christine tied a Knot with Sean McNabb on September 9, 2016. Last year was the year to remember for Divine as she got married to her long term boyfriend.

Christine Devine, Source:

There are also not much of information on how they met and how they ended up their friendship in marriage?

In an interview, her husband Sean McNabb revealed that he and Devine were together for more than a decade and is blessed to have a wonderful wife like her.

So, it’s obvious they keep their relationship in secret until they tied a knot.

It’s surprising to know, both of them are recognizable faces and no media caught an eye on their love affairs.

Divine is one supportive wife as she and Sean are active in the charity  Harley rides, golf tournaments. Judging from Christine Instagram account, we can notice that, they spend more time together in vacations and events.

They share a common interest and that is music. In most of music award show and concert, they are spotted together.


Both Sean and Christine have wonderful career and hope in near future we can hear good new from them.

Who is Christine Devine?

Christine Devine is a veteran television news anchor and reporter working in the FOX 11 news and has covered much news in her career. Divine has devoted a decade of her years to news world and now she is one of the renowned TV personalities.

Apart from her anchoring career, Christine to like to do social service. Since 1994, the 52-year-old anchor has profiled foster children looking for an adoptive home. For her valiant work in the community, she was awarded with a congressional award.

Image result for Christine Devine at award

Source: CelebMafia

In 2015, she celebrated her 25 years at FOX 11. A true inspiration for all news anchor in the world.

She was also honored with Congressional Coalitions’ Angels in Adoption Award, two Gracie Allen from American Women in Radio & Television, the Society of Professional Journalists Anna Quindlen Award for Community Service and much more.

Image result for Christine Devine at fox 11

Snoop Dogg & Big Percy with Christine Devine Fox 11 News, Source: YouTube

Her devotion to her anchoring career finally paid off when she awarded with 16 Emmy’s including the prestigious Governors Award.

Image result for Christine Devine at fox 11

Christine Devine with her awards,

Brazilian and European American beauty Christine was a co-chair of The Good News Foundation a non-profit founded by five LA news anchors/reporters.

Divine is also an author of the book “Finding a Forever Family”. Besides her social works and anchoring career, Devine as a reporter appeared in several movies and TV series  “24”, Prison Break, “Melrose Place”, “Independence Day” and much more.