Who is Katie Stottlemire? Is she still single or Married?Know about her Boyfriend and Relationship

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Here we are back again with another gossip and it’s all about actress Katie Stottlemire. You may recognize her from her movies, Tragedy Girls, The  Street Where We live and My Friend Dahmer.

After appearing in several movies, Katie is gaining fame among fans with her amazing acting skills and personalities. In recent days Katie is rumored to be dating a guy?  Is it true? Let’s find out.

Is Katie Stollemire single?

When it comes to the personal life of Katie, she is among the celebrities who hides it behind the curtains.  While the co-stars of Katie are in a relationship, Katie likes to step out from the circle of love affairs.

The Turn Out actress, Katie has been in the few movie over past few years but recently she rose to fame, with horror movie Tragedy girls. When  Katie appeared in this American horror movie people, wanted to know more about her and out of the reel.

Katie Stottlemire, source: IMDb

While celebrities of her age are surrounded by the rumors of breakups and dates, Katie seems to be enjoying her single life. After being the public face, it’s surprising that Michael never came forward with her love life.

So what’s the reason behind it? Katie’s busy life can be a reason. This actress might be busy with upcoming movie The Turn Out which in the post-production phase, so she might be focusing on movies rather than webbing in the relationship.

When looked in Katie’s Instagram you may notice, she often posts a picture with a mystery man. In one of her post, Stollemire shared a pic with a caption

Happy national boyfriend day to the best boyfriend ever! Thanks for being my best friend and for always giving me college advice

Well, it looks as if their relationship is just limited to friends.

But wait, when you keep on scrolling her  Instagram, you can see more post in which Katie mentioned dating with this guy. They are obviously dating but hasn’t come as a couple to an interview or show.

We hope in the near future, Katie opens more about his relationship with her fan.

 Who is Katie Stollemire?

Katie Stollemire is an American actress, who recently rose to fame with movies Tragedy Girls, Equal Chances, The Street Where we live and My Friend Dahmer.

Best dancer award goes to Bookish Student #tragedygirls

A post shared by Katie Stottlemire (@katiestottlemire) on

Apart from there are not much of information on this beauty. Apart from her movie’s premiere, Katie hardly makes public appearances.

Katie Stollemire with ponytails in Tragedy Girls, source: We Got This Covered

Well, we wish her a luck and blissful journey in Hollywood.


Who is Antwan Lewis? Know about his Married Life and Relationship

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We are pretty sure you may have heard the name, Antwan Lewis many times which should be the reason to land on this page.  Antwan who is having a hard time with his career, after being replaced from Fox News will surely come up with another show just like Megyn Kelly did, so don’t worry about it.

Keeping aside his professional life, we are here to let all Lewis’ fans know about Antwan Lewis married life and relationship status. So without further delay, let’s jump into the topic directly.

Is Antwan Lewis Dating Someone?

Antwan Lewis is a former general assignment reporter for Fox 5 News. After serving years in Fox, it’s obvious that he is a recognizable face in the news world.

But Lewis who covered breaking news from all over the world never made a headline in regards to his love life or any other personal affair. It looks like Antwan keeps a strict boundary between his career and personal life.

Antwan Lewis,source:

Even with such a good physical appearances and amazing personality, Antwan is never linked or rumored to be in an affair with any women so far, which is a hard pill to swallow for all his fans.

Where other celebrities took on social media to open out about their relationship, Antwan prefers not to do so.

If we take a quick look at Lewis’s Instagram post, then we see he is not so active in social media platforms.

You can see him posting pictures with some of the women but they just their female co-workers. We have to say Lewis tries his best to hide his personal life away from the media.

In these post, you can notice, Lewis often uploads images with a Teresa  Priolo. Well, they are not a couple but share a desk on Fox 5 news. They were reporting news together for several years until they were replaced by Fox in August.

Friends, nothing is cooking between these two close friends as Priolo is expecting her first child with husband Daniel Aviles in February 2018. As for now, reporter Lewis is single. We hope Antwan might be dating someone but he hasn’t made it official yet.

Who is Antwan Lewis?

Antwan served as a general assignment reporter in Fox 5 News starting from 2010 till 2015. In his struggling days, Antwan spent four years, as a reporter and fill-in anchor for KTVK-tv in Arizona. Apart from this, he served as a reporter at WGN-TV in Chicago.

Antwan Lewis and Sabria Burns at Nickelodeon’s 12th Annual Worldwide Day of Play, source: Zimbio

Lewis is an active humanitarian journalist and is actively involved in various children charities and welfare works. Many of you don’t know the fact that, Lewis was an active supporter of the UNICEF. For his valiant work, Antwan has been awarded by the National Association of Black Journalist.

Antwan Lewis at Fox 5                                                                      source: YouTube

The four times Emmys award winner, Antwan was replaced permanently by the Sukanya Krishnan in August 2017 by Sukanya Krishnan. In the same month, an official Twitter page of Fox announced that Antwan will join the Fox news channel 5 permanently.

Sukanya Krishnan, Source: YouTube

Where Suknaya fans are excited to see her on the news, Antwan fans are raising questions on Fox on this matter.

In September, Antwan shared a post thanking all his fans for loving him during his time on Fox. Lewis fans showed their love to Atwan, supporting him on his hard time.

We hope you are satisfied with our take on Antwan Lewis and we assure you that we will let you know in case Antwan finds his sweetheart.

Laurie Segall Single

Is Laurie Segall Single or Dating anyone? Know her Affairs and Relationship

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If we look at the news, you will find breakups and divorce scattering all over the internet on celebrities. And there are other celebrities whose love life don’t even make the headlines.

A technology correspondent for CNNMoney, Laurie Segall is a recognizable face on TV, but when it comes to her personal life, she prefers to lock up everything inside her little box. So, who is she dating in recent days? Let’s find out.

 Is Laurie Segall Single?

Entrepreneur Laurie Segalla didn’t make any controversies in her past years when it comes to her relationship. Segall is among the celebrities who like to step away from the spotlight despite being a renowned senior technology correspondent at CNN.

Segall has been in her single life for many years. As there is less information on this beauty’s love affairs, we have to say that she tried her best to keep everything behind the curtains.

Laurie Segall, source: Twitter

Some sources have claimed that Laurie is in a relationship. So who is this guy?

Brian Bordainick on Twitter: “Happy Valentine’s Day to @LaurieSegallCNN, source: Twitter

It is rumored that Segall is seen with a 29-year-old serial entrepreneur, Brian Bordainick. Although they haven’t opened about their relationship to the public, their social media says whole another story.

Brian Bordainick , source: Twitter

It seems like they spend much of their time with each other. As Segall often shared vacations tweets with Brian back in 2014.

But in recent days, this rumored couple hasn’t made much of public appearances. Wait we are not saying they are a couple. We are just going with the information.

As in 2017, if we take a quick look at Laurie’s Instagram, you can see her posting pictures of from TV sets a

We must say, Laurie maintains a strict boundary between her career and relationship.

Who is Laurie Segall?

The 31-year-old Laurie Segall is serving CNN for almost eight years and her works have appeared across all CNN platforms. Laurie has also specialized in news from emerging technology, Silicon Valley, and venture capital.

Laurie Segall, source: Zimbio

Since 2010, Segall has reported on several stories from drone technology in Israel to the interviewing big names Mark Zuckerberg and much more. Moreover, she tracked down and exclusively interviewed Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castor’s daughter.

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Laurie Segall 41st Annual Gracie Awards, source: Zimbio

Laurie has reported biggest stories in tech and on her web series Mostly Human.

Roger Bart's Girlfriend

Who is Roger Bart’s Girlfriend? Find out his dating life, Past Affairs and Relationships

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Break up happens when the relationship is surrounded by lies. When it comes to celebrities each day, the news of celebrities break up surfs on the internet, Break up and divorce never fails to make headlines.

Mostly known for the movies, American Gangster and Trumbo, Roger Bart is an American actor and a singer. After a break up with his ex-girlfriend, is he seeing anyone in recent days? Let’s find out.

Roger Bart cheats on his girlfriend

Back in 2015, Roger’s twitter and other social media were deactivated when his own fans ranged on him. This happened when his ex-girlfriend blamed him of cheating her.

Roger dated a Youtuber, Trisha Paytas in 2013. Some sources claimed that they first met on a social media. Soon they started dating each other and their friendship blossomed into a romance.

Actor Roger Bart, source: IMDb

Paytas seemed to be a supportive girlfriend as in her tweets, Trisha used to promote his movies.

The 55-year-old Bart was in a relationship with Trisha for two and half years until they broke up in 2015.

Trisha Paytas, source: Twitter

All of the sudden, the news of their break up spread on the internet like a wildfire. Paytas was actually the one who took on social media accusing Roger as a cheater.

In one of the videos, Trisha revealed that Roger has been sleeping with her for two and a half years. Eventually, at the Halloween party thrown by Trisha, she found out he has been with his girlfriend for almost five years.

Here is a video of Trisha opening about a relationship with Roger.

Paytas also claimed that Roger hit on one of her makeup artists. Trisha soon took on Twitter to expose Roger.

After the breakup, Roger texted her with a reply

“Hey Trish, do yourself a favor and never contact me again.”

Is Roger Brat single?

One of the bad boys in Hollywood, Roger’s relationship never made much of the news except for the relationship with Trisha. However,  his fans are still eager to know more about his personal life.

So the big question is “Who is he dating in recent days?”

Roger Bart and Cory English in Young Frankenstein National Tour, source: Review St. Louis

Well,  there is no news of Roger going out on dates with any of his co-stars or mystery girl in 2017. As for now, Roger is single.Apart from his theater work and TV shows, Roger barely makes the public appearance.

Many of you may wonder if he isn’t in a relationship, he might be gay. However, Bart has two lovely daughters, Eller Bart and Ali Kendall. So, Roger striking as a gay is far from a question.

Roger Bart and daughter Eller during ‘Madagascar’ New York City Premiere, source: Getty Images

Recently, Brat is working on Theatres. Roger’s previous work was in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Brat might be dating someone, but he hasn’t made it official yet. We hope in near future Roger opens more about his relationship with his fans.

Mary Padian Single

Is Mary Padian Single or Married? Know her Affairs as well

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Well, small packages come with a  big surprise. Don’t you get deceived with the height of Mary Padia? A successful businesswoman and TV personality, Mary is well known for her American Reality Television series Storage Wars.

We know, Paidan has a successful career but what about her personal life. As a TV personality Mary, it’s obvious her personal life will be a public interest. So who is she dating in recent days?

Is Mary Padian Single?

When it comes to the Padian personal life, Mary prefers to keep it private. Mary is very active in many of popular social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in which she has a great number of followers. However, Padian hardly drops any hints on her love affairs.

The 37-year-old star might be single as there are no rumors of her dating any mystery man.

Mary Padian, source: Famous People

After coming across Mary’s Instagram post, we can say that she is currently single. Where other celebrities took on social media to make announce their dates, Paidan likes to go another way.

You may see her getting cozy with another man, but they are no more than friends.

It’s hard to believe, despite being such a renowned face on TV, nobody caught an eye on Mary’s date.

But in one of the episodes in Storage Wars, Mary introduced her boyfriend named Dylan. Here is Dylan’s introduction by Mary:

I’ve been looking for love since I moved to California. Who’d have thought I needed to pop back down to Texas to find my perfect man. This is Dylan. Isn’t he dreamy?

Although they came out as a couple, they haven’t been in much of public appearances. They might have split up as they don’t make much of headlines in recent years

Padian might be dating but she hasn’t made it official yet.

Who is Marry Pardian?

Storage Wars’ star Mary Padian is a reality star, businesswoman, and a journalist. If you watch Storage Wars franchise on A&E Networks, then Mary is definitely a familiar name for you.

Before Mary step on the spotlight, Mary worked for the design magazine ‘Architectural Digest’ till 2010. Later she owned her own shop ‘Mary’s find’ for refurbished furniture.

Mary Padian at Storage Wars: Texas, source:  Pinterest

When asked about her stardom and fame in an interview, Mary said:

A little bit, yeah. I’m starting to more and more. It’s just weird.

Mary’s career took on a U-turn when she appeared in the Storage Wars as the main cast member. After that, she gained popularity from the show and established herself as a competent businesswoman.

Mary Padian at Storage Wars: Texas, source: TV Guide

Apart from this, you might know the fact that Mary graduated in photojournalism at the University of Texas back in 2003.

Johnny Dawes married

Is Johnny Dawes married? Learn more about him

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While there are the celebrities whose love affairs often makes it way to news where there are some celebrities who are out of public interest. Celebrities prefer to step on spotlight where others don’t even bother making public appearances.

Most of them might be not familiar with the name Johnny Dawes. He is neither a celebrity nor a TV personality. So most of his, personal life are hidden behind the curtains.

Is Johnny Dawes married?

There are not much of information on Johnny love affairs. We know Dawes is a rock climber and most of his life, he focused on coaching and on rock climbing. So he didn’t step into the spotlight, unlike other celebrities.

The personal life of Dawes has been behind the curtains for many years. You will be surprised to know, that Dawes himself hasn’t spoken much about him in an interview.

Johnny Dawes, source: UKC

When it comes to his personal life, yet it’s still under the shade. Dawse age, family, and even her dating history aren’t much revealed.

It’s obvious if you are famous then you probably get attached to the social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and much more. But yet, Dawes has no any social media account.

Johnny Dawes demonstrating his balancing technique at a workshop in Malta, source: YouTube

And you know, his pictures are rarely found in the media. While observing her Instagram, she looks over 40.

In an interview, when asked about the relationship, he said:

Well, it’s 29 years of climbing now and that’s my relationship.

Also, he might be a married man. But he did not reveal it to the media.  Wait we are not saying he is married, we are just guessing.

Who is Johnny Dawes?

Mostly famous for his dynamic style of rock climbing and of his dynamic style, Johnny Dawes is a British rock climber. Dawes famous work was when he climbed the 160ft long Indian Face on the Welsh Crag Clogwyn d’Or Arddu in 1986.

Johnny Dawes, source: Climbing Magazine

Many of the newspaper, covered this historic event on that year which was the turning point of Dawes. Most of you might know, him from the movie, Stone Monkey from 1986, Hard Grit and Best Forgotten Art.

Here is a video of Johnny giving a demonstration on rock climbing.

Apart from this, he is an author of book Full of Myself in 2011.

Erica Mena’ Boyfriend

Who is Erica Mena’ Boyfriend? Know about her Relationship and Children

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Celebrities and their love life never go along. As many of the celebrities after stepping out of the relationship, jumps into another there are few celebrities who prefer to go another way.

With the paparazzi on celebrities back and countless users in social media, it can be difficult when it comes to keeping your personal life away from the public eye. A reality star, Erica Mena love life, has never been in the shade. So who is she dating? Let’s know about her.

Is Erica Mena Single or Dating?

A TV personality Erica Mena is a former model and mostly known for making appearances in the show Love and Hip Hop: New York. Apart from this, you might know Erica from the reality shows Scared Famous and Bad Girls Club: East Meets West.

Mena is definitely not among the celebrities who keep their love life private. This hottie has been in several relationships in the past and yet it’s hard to believe she is single.

Erica Mena, source: Zimbio

If we take a quick look at Erica’s Instagram, then there are not much of post about her love life. Where other celebrities took on social media to announce their dates and partners, Erica hasn’t done anything yet.

It’s not that, Mena doesn’t take on media to let her fans know about her dates. Right now, it looks like Mena is not seeing anyone.

Erica Mena,

So what might be the reason? We know, Mena is a mother and a TV personality, so her hectic life can be a reason. On the other hand, with all the failed relationship in her past, Erica might take a break from getting into the relationship.

Erica Mena with her son King Conde, source: What’s The CelebriTea? –

As for now, there are no rumors of Mena darting anyone. Eric might be dating but she hasn’t made it official yet.

Erica Mena’s Past Relationships and Affairs

If we look at the dating history of 29-year-old Mena, she has been in a relationship with both men and women. Surrounded by the confusion of her sexuality, Erica never stopped making news on her love affair.

Mena dated several rappers in past from them, the relationship with Shad Moss was quite eye-grabbing. Shad Moss aka Bow Wow got engaged with Mena but their relationship failed quickly then they expected.

Erica Mena and Bow Wow, source:

After the break-up, in an interview, Erica revealed the reason for break up saying:

“and that the reason was that, “it’s hard to be with someone more damaged than you are.” OUCH!

These two ex-couple threw shots at each other on social media and Mena even accused ex-fiance of abusing her.

Many of you might be aware of the fact that, this reality star is a married woman. Mena is married to Raul Conde and they share a son named King Conde.

Erica Mena and Raul Conde, source:

However, they are living separately and often the news of their reunion makes the gossips on the internet. But they haven’t divorced yet.

Real ❤️🙏🏽

A post shared by Erica Mena 🇩🇴🇵🇷 (@iamerica_mena) on

When you scroll down the Instagram of Erica you can see adorable pictures of mother and son.

Chad Tepper Dating

Who is Chad Tepper Dating Currently? Know in Details

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If you follow, Jake Paul’s Team 10 on the Youtube then you may be familiar with all of its member. From troubling to neighbors to creating dramas on the internet, Team 10 is often on controversies.

On the members of Team 10, Chad Tepper is currently dating a girl. We know, Chad is a reality star, Youtuber and a viner, so it’s obvious most of his controversies and rumors are out in public.

Who is Chad Tepper dating?

When it comes to the personal life of Chad, he is not among the celebrities who hides it behind the curtains. All the daily activities are posted on the Chad’s Youtube Channel. So it won’t surprise you if you come to know that he is no more single.

So, who is this lady? It looks like Tepper has found a queen of his heart.

Chad Tepper, source: Wattpad

Well, Chad’s girlfriend prefers to maintain a complete low key life. Apart from making duo in Chad’s video, she rarely goes public.

Let us introduce you, Tepper’s girlfriend, Sarah. While going through Chad’s videos looks like she is below age old 25.

If you follow, Teppers on his social media, then it will be no big surprise for you. In most of the videos, he often collabs with his girlfriend.

Here is the video of Chad buying gifts for his girlfriend on Valentine’s day.

Looks like, they are in a serious relationship. Where other YouTubers relationship doesn’t last for more than months, Sarah and Chad have been together for years.

When you take a quick look at Chad’s Instagram, you can see adorable pictures of these two. Most of the time, they spend time on each other arms.

As for now, there are no rumors of their fights and breakups that are surfing the internet.

Who is Chad Tepper?

With more than 700k subscribers and almost 2 million followers on Instagram, there might be few people who don’t recognize this YouTuber. At early days on Youtube, he used to make funny videos. In recent days Tepper makes vlogs.

Es New Show Hollywood Cycle Chad Tepper, source: YouTube

Bron on Florida, 25-year-old Chad is also a reality star. Tepper appeared on the E! series Hollywood Cycle and Spike TV’s Ink Master.

You may know from 2011 episode of the TV documentary series, True Life and in 2012 Young and Married.

Apart from this, he is a professional skateboarder. But, recently he made fame when he joined Jake’s Paul team 10.

Now, Chad is one of the recognizable faces in Hollywood and social media. We wish him luck in his career.

Arden Cho Dating

Who is Arden Cho Dating Currently? Know about her Affairs and Relationship

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Whenever, celebrities step out of one relationship, the rumors of them dating starts across the internet. However, there are some celebrities whose love affairs don’t even make the news.

Arden Cho is an American actress model and singer best known for her recurring role in TV hit series including Teen Wolf. Recently, it has been rumored that Arden is seeing someone. Is it true? Let’s find out:

Is Arden Cho Dating or Single?

It was the matter of time for Cho to make millions of fans when she portrayed the role of Kira Yukimura. As she did complete justice to her character, fans fell in love. But sadly Arden  says bye to series in 2016.

More fame, more public interest, so it’s obvious people will get more eager on Arden’s personal life. Now, she is surrounded by the rumors of dating life. Are the stories of her dating true?

Arden Cho, source: blog

Cho is one of the rising stars, and even her small controversies make lots of buzz on the social media. So if she is seeing someone in recent days, it would be a hot topic on the internet.

The 32-year-old actress is in her single life and looks like she is nowhere in getting into the relationship.

While co-stars of Arden is rumored to be dating, there are no gossips of Cho linked with other stars. When it comes to her personal life and love affairs, Arden prefers to make it a complete privacy.

Where other celebrities take on social media to announce their relationship, Arden hasn’t done anything yet. If we take a quick look at Cho’s Instagram and Twitter you can notice, most of her post are from TV sets and with friends.

Who is Arden Cho?

If you watch, MTV’s Teen Wolf, then Arden Cho will be a familiar name for you. Mostly known for her acting and modeling career, Arden gained fame with the Teen Wolf.

Arden Cho in ‘Teen Wolf,’ Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Most of you might not know the fact that back in her struggling days, Arden worked as a model in mostly Asia. In recent days, she is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the watch company Leonard and Church.

Arden Cho in ‘Teen Wolf,’ source: Collider

Arden made her debut in the movie industry in the year 2006 with a movie named The Break-Up. Right after two years, Cho made her comeback in the television show with series Pretty Little Liars.

Apart from this, Arden is a successful musician, with a huge number of followers on YouTube. With almost half million followers on youtube, Arden is also a youtube star.

Teen Wolf star Arden Cho with Leonard Church watch, source: Twist Magazine

As a model, actress and an entrepreneur, life can be a bit hectic, when asked in an interview, about how she balances her life? She said:

Never sleeping. Im just kidding. I do sleep, here and there. I wish I had more time but I try to do as much as I can.

We hope to see more of her movies and TV shows and wish for better future in coming days.

Omari Newton Single

Is Canadian actor Omari Newton Single or Dating? Get to know more about him

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From the lists of celebrities who prefer to remain in a single life, Omari Newton is not an exceptional case. After debuting in the TV series Vampire High, he grabbed a huge attention from media. It took no time for Omari to be a public face.

Omari Akil Newton aka Omari Newton is a Canadian actor,  mostly known for his role in Blue Mountain as Lary Summers. Newton has been in the film industry for more than a decade, and his fans are eager to know more about his personal life. So is Omari Newton Dating anyone in recent days?

Is Omari Newton single?

We all know, Omari is one of the greatest artists of our era. Newton has been entertaining us for several years but is he lacking fun in his love life?

The X-Files star, Newton is among the celebrities who like to keep their relationship on the shade. It’s hard to believe, despite being one of the recognizable faces in the television history, Omari’s love life never caught attention’s of media.

Omari Newton, source: Twitter

If we take a quick look at Oamri’s Instagram, you can see, he hardly drops any hints when it comes to his love life. We may see him getting cozy with other women, but they are just his c0-stars or friends from his movie set.

Omari Newton with his co-star Jennifer Spence, source: Pinterest

But from those posts, some of the pictures is an eye-grabbing one. In April 2017, Omari shared a picture with a caption #interracial couple.

In this picture, you can see a mysterious girl with a ring on her ring finger. So is he engaged?

When scrolling his Instagram, you can notice several pictures who this girl. Omari often snaps the photo with this girl on several occasions.

From the pictures shared on Instagram, we can say he is not single at all.

As for now, Newton hasn’t made any official when it comes to his dates nor about his mystery girl. We hope in coming days, Omari opens more about his love life.

Who is Omari Newton?

Montreal-born professional actor, Omari Newton work can be found on television, radio, stage and a big screen. The 29 years old Newton, is recently famous for TV series Blue Mountain State and Continuum.

Omari Newton; Blue Mountain State, source: The Link – Concordia’s

Before being rec0gnized as a TV personality, Omari stage work gained him quite of popularity in his struggling days. To honor him, Omari was nominated for his works, in the Centaur Theater’s production.

In the years 2011, Newton debuted in TV shows with Vampire High series. Since then he appeared in several TV shows and movies including Fringe, Continuum, Redeemer, Slow Burn and much more.

Omari Newton with the  Continuum cast at the Leo Awards, source: Pinterest

In 2017, Omari is in the recurring role in the series named Tarzan and Jane which is an American-Canadian computer-animated web series.