Author Tariq Nasheed gives out dating and marriage advice to girlfriends and wives

December 30, 2015
First Published On: December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

There are not many people in the world who can give better relationship advice than Tariq Nasheed. The bestselling author and Internet radio host himself has dated plenty of famous faces and he specializes in relationship therapy. He recently spoke out about the things women should consider before committing to a person and how to make someone commit to them.

Nasheed revealed that the reason that many attractive women are still single is because they have wrong ideas of what men want from them. He claimed that men expect something much deeper than sex from their women. He stated that men often seek companionship and support from their women, without ever expressing their need.

He also suggested that women should not be easily won over. He claimed that if the women are hard to get, it makes a man stick around with her for a longer time.  He also claimed that girlfriends hoping to get married to their boyfriend should treat him with extra love and affection. He suggested that wife should pay attention to her clothing claiming that husbands are very conscious about the clothes their wives wear.

He also added that women should be more attentive towards their men. He claimed that remembering little thing about them makes men more attracted towards women.

The dating coach makes a living out of providing relationship advices to the single people. His advice is something every single lady and even married ones should listen to attentively.

Nasheed is man of many talents. He has had success as an author, documentary film producer, internet radio host and satirist. He is also a social commenter focusing on the psychology of dating and African-American social history.

The author has released several books on dating and finding women. Some of his famous publications include The Mack Within, The Elite Way. His book ‘The Art of Mackin’ has been called "something of a classic” by specialists in the field of relationship. Nasheed has also authored two advice books for female readers; Play or Be Played and The Art of Gold Digging.

The relationship expert released a horror movie, The Eugenist in 2013. He single handedly wrote and directed the movie. The movie, however, didn’t get commercial success. Nasheed also frequently gives lectures on the topic about sex and relationship at US universities.

Nasheed regularly doles out dating advice through his internet radio shows. His fans can hear his podcasts and radio shows through his website,

His Instagram has around 23k followers. Single straight women comprise the majority of his Instagram fan base. His Twitter @tariqnasheed is also equally popular. 128k fans from all around the world follow Nasheed on his Twitter account.

It is believed that that the radio host’s net worth is approximately $10 million dollars.