Australian Footballer Shaun Hampson's girlfriend Megan Gale, dating since 2011, explains why she is no cougar

Australian Footballer Shaun Hampson's girlfriend Megan Gale, who has been dating him since 2011, recently explained why she is no cougar.

The sexy partner of the Australian footballer, who plays for Richmond Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL) is upset that people refer her as ‘cougar’; a middle aged woman who seek younger men mostly for sexual pleasure. Such nasty and rude comments made by people not only make her feel bad, but also infuriate her because she did not simply hook up with her boyfriend for sex or fun. She is with him because she loves him.

Hampson began dating his present girlfriend, who is 13 year older than him, back in January, 2011. The football’s rising legend is 27, whereas his super model girl is 40 years old already. The age difference between them might be huge, but there is no doubt that this much talked about couple is truly madly and deeply in love. And their one year old son is a living proof of this love. This is the reason why the popular footballer’s soon to be wife is not at all happy with people calling her cougar.

The couple has always tried their best to keep their love life away from the prying eyes of the media. But, as both Hampson and Gale are public figures and celebrities, their personal lives always becomes the center of attraction. Moreover, their 13 year old age difference makes it impossible for them to stay ‘far from the madding crowd’. No matter how much they try, they can hardly win against the media, who loves to dig out all the entrails of their personal affairs and the public who eagerly waits to hear them all. And this popularity has given the media and some narrow minded people an opportunity to criticize Gale.

“When we started together, there was a lot of criticism because of our age difference, which kind of upset me. I think if he was older than me we wouldn’t have so many people commenting on it. It seemed to me that because I’m the woman and I’m older that there were labels thrown around – ‘toy boy’, ‘cougar‘ – that really disappointed me,” the model girlfriend of the Australian star painfully shared her story with The Weekly Review.

She further added: “For me our ages are irrelevant. I really do feel like we’re both really on par with one another.”

Besides ‘cougar’ and ‘toy boy’, there are several other nasty names that the people have branded the love birds with. “A bit ‘flash in the pan'” being one of them. But despite the terrible ordeal, Gale proudly revealed how strong Hampson and her relationship was and how well the two have faced these situations together in the past four years of their relationship. The gorgeous lady, proud mother and a caring girlfriend said that their one year old son and four year old relationship are the two things that has helped them continue in their lives with a beautiful smile on their faces.

“We both knew what we meant to one another and I guess that’s all that matters. And now we’ve got this beautiful little man that we’ve created together and he’s the centre of our universe. We communicate well and I think that’s why we’ve got such a strong relationship,” she stated.

The Mad Max star labeled her future husband “an amazing… kind… thoughtful and an incredible father”.

 “Best thing I’ve ever done. Hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s the most rewarding thing,” she said.

We all are happy that this adorable pair is doing great together despite the age difference and hatred from a few people. But we all are with Hampson and Gale and we hope that they get married soon.