With Whom Has Australian Actress, Robin McLeavy Been in a Relationship? Her Past Affairs and Relationship

The love life of Australian actress Robin McLeavy is a subject of interest for many fanboys out there. The “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” actress does not talk much about her private life and says she is currently single.

McLeavy, as it seems is pretty much serious about choosing a partner. She is not the one who randomly dates men. The 36-year-old actress is sustaining a single life since 2010 as she has a peculiar taste in men. According to some rumors, after her relationship with Joel Edgerton ended in 2010 the backtrack actress is quiet and secretive regarding her personal life.

Their dating rumors started in 2009 when Robin was spotted holding hands with the Australian action and filmmaker Joel Edgerton. The couple’s affair rumors started as they acted in a play "A Streetcar Named Desire" together. After that one rumor ended, she is not linked to any of her other co-stars.

Robin(Right) on the set of Vampire hunter. Source: Vianolavie

Dating her "A Streetcar Named Desire" co-star

The black-haired beauty Robin is also a theater artist. While posing for the red carpet of “Mother of All Closing Night Parties”, the Australian actor and filmmaker Joel Edgerton was holding her hands. The media captured them being cozy at the premiere in spite of the fact that there was a presence of a lot of stars.

They talked openly about their on-screen acting in the movies they were doing together. The couple talked about their activities on the set blushing at times. Their closeness confused the media as well. Then, people were unable to determine whether they were actually dating or just talking about their on-screen roles.

Robin Mcleavy and Joel Edgerton(From left) hold hands in presence of other actors. Source: Gettyimages

Even though they never officially confirmed their relationship, the rumors of them secretly dating spread like wildfire. Moreover, there were rumors that because of some kind of misunderstanding they separated three months after they started dating.

Popular but secretive actress

Recently, the actress is single and acting in a popular TV series Hell on Wheels. She is acting on the series since 2011. The actress is popular over social media and her lifestyle is somewhat hidden due to which her personal matters like her affairs are not disclosed.

In spite of being 38, she looks young and we can casually guess that she is not someone who would get married and have kids secretly. She is the type who will not publicize about her partner or her dating life, Until and unless she finds a perfect partner.