Ashley Scott and her husband, Steve Hart spend a lot of time with their two children.

April 6, 2016
First Published On: April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Ashley Scott renowned tv actress and her husband Steve Hart have recently shared as to how much they love spending time with their children. They have also mentioned how their children have been able to fulfill their lives with blissfulness and joy over the years.

They have two daughters Ada who is on her way to becoming six and Iyla Vue Hart who will turn one this coming august. Ashley and Steve have said their children are just so adorable that they have been spending the majority of their time with them.

Nurturing Iyla and helping Ada with her homework now that she has begun attending kindergarten. They also have said these being one of the most important years in terms of the foundation for their life ahead Ashley and Steve want to be with their daughters as much as they can so they can guide them through these years with utmost care and attention.

Both of Ashley’s children were conceived by her in her thirties. Her first child was born when she was in her early thirties and Iyla in her late thirties. It is believed that Ashley and Steve are now content with the number of children they have and may not wish to have any more children.

Ashley has been married twice and Steve is her second husband. Her first husband was Anthony Rhulen to whom she was married for four years and then the couple filed for a divorce through mutual consent. However, how mutual the consent was remained to be unknown.

She did not have children from her earlier marriage. The reason being she was young into her career and needed to focus on expanding it rather than concentrating toward starting a family. However once she was into her thirties. She soon wanted children.

As a professional Ashley has had quite a career spanning over fifteen years. She has been a part of over thirty different productions in total combing her movies and tv shows. Her most noteworthy performances in movies have come from “ Walking Tall” , “Into the Blue” , “Puff Puff Pass” , “ The Kingdom” , “Strange Wilderness” and “ 12 Rounds”.

“Dark Angel”, “Birds of Prey” and “Jericho” are the tv shows that have highlighted her presence on the television front.  She was a series regular and a member of the main cast in each of the series and received favorable reviews for her acting.

She is currently a series regular cast member in the show “Unreal” and is at the moment occupied filming it. She has a very pivotal role in the series which has gained widespread attention for its unique story.

Ashley’s net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $500 thousand dollars.