Ashley Madekwe's Married Life with Husband Iddo Goldberg

September 19, 2017
First Published On: September 19, 2017
by HitBerry

Superstars have always been flawless while presenting themselves in front of the public. Even more astonishing, their tremendous effort is a sole reason for whatever they have achieved till date. We can't deny that fact as a must unless there is anyone who has made the spot without a struggle. But do you think Ashley Madekwe is an artist without any vigor in her life?

Ashley Madekwe is an English actress. Her career is a collective result of hard work, passion, and confidence all along. She is famous for her roles in television shows such as "Secret Diary of a call girl", "Revenge", and "Salem".

Ashley Madekwe's Married Life

For the 33-year-old, falling in love might be an issue and that matters a lot. If it hadn't she wouldn't be bonding with the love of her life, Iddo Goldberg. Iddo is a British-Israeli actor who also worked as Ben in the "Secret Diary of a call girl".

Ashley Madewke, source: popsugar

Ashley and Iddo got married in the mid of 2012. While the couple first met as co-stars, they probably have been dating since then and have successfully tried to remain out of media's sight.

Ashley and Iddo, source: Gossiprocks

While the actress has been absolutely stunning in TV series " Revenge", Iddo expanded his roles in many movies and has been working side by side with his wife in "Salem". Here, Ashley portrays as "Tituba" a witch.

Ashley Madekwe and Iddo Goldberg in "Salem", source: livingly

Although, the married life of Ashley and Iddo hasn't come out in the highlights without any obstacles. So far, taking peek on her Instagram let us know that they are having a wonderful time and having a moment of romance.

One of the sightings of the couple was when they went shopping at the groove with a matching pair of leather jackets.

As of their marriage, the couple is sharing 5 years of married life together. What remains a question is why haven't they thought of making their family happy with kids?

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Ashley Madekwe's Past Affairs

Although the married woman has been happily living with handsome Idoo, Madekwe had her past with one of native English actor Josh Bowman.

Josh met her on the set of the TV show " Revenge". However, the media hasn't been able to identify the cause their breakup and believed to have just an attraction for one another.

Ashley Madekwe is a sweet person and she is a married woman. Despite all challenges that have come across her married life, she has stood and carried it with her husband. But we fan just need to know more about her and hope that she will be confessing about her personal life.