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Ashley Jade Stern, the youngest daughter of Stern family, had the rough childhood because of her father's controversial media image and divorce that made the family disaster. Ashley Jade Stern now has a boyfriend who she can rely on.


Ashley Jade was a star kid, the daughter of famous American radio and television personality, producer author and a photographer Howard Stern. Ashley is famous for her father's image more than of her own career.

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Ashley, being the daughter of a controversial father doesn't seem to be very active in social media. However, she is only at the age of 25 now.

Despite the relationship issue of her parents in her childhood, she looks to be very concerned about her secret love affair and wants to be far away from the attention of media.

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According to some source, recently Ashley was seen with her boyfriend at Debra's wedding. Jade looked lovely in a pink gown, and her boyfriend looked good in a black suit. The unmarried couple looks beautiful together as the details of their relationship is still bottled up.

Her relationship with her boyfriend might be going smoothly as there are no any rumors in the media.

Ashley Jade Stern's Family Life

Jade's father is a famous radio personality, Howard Stern, while her mother is Alison Berns who was Howard’s college sweetheart, is also a psychoanalyst.

Ashley's relation with her father is good then with her mother as they both are seen together quite often.

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Being the youngest daughter of the family, Ashley has to elder sisters Emily Beth and Debra Jenifer.

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All of the three daughters were the victims of their parent's relationship. However, Ashley was the youngest to face it. In the recent days, they all look happier with their life. Daughter of Alison Berns, Ashley's relations with her mother is quite a mystery after the divorce with her ex-husband Howard Stern.

The relationship between mother and daughter is personally good, but after the divorce, of her parents, they are not together.

Ashley Jade Stern's Childhood and Carrer

Ashley Jade had a very horrible time as a child along with her sisters, Emily and Debra. Ashley was born on 24 January 1993 in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York. She was a little girl when her parents got divorced, so she was deprived of her mother's love in her early childhood.

Ashley’s childhood was fractured due to her father’s towering image. Being the daughter of a famous controversial celebrity she and her family have paid the price.

With the fact of their parent's relation, the girl's childhood was really hard. As a responsible father, Howard Stern has been very protective of his family. Ashley herself is not much connected to any media person.

It is not known whether Ashley has started her career or is still studying. There have been no details exposed regarding Ashley’s career and what line she is following. She has a very low profile, and her information is covered as the youngest daughter of Howard Stern.