Ashley Benson gave away crocs for prom.

August 4, 2017
First Published On: May 1, 2016

Ashley Benson gave away crocs for prom. As in the gorgeous actress wants to Wants to Make 'Prom Crocs' a Thing.

When you think of prom, generally what comes to your mind? A beautiful dress and a sky-high heel or something else, Right? But what about Crocs, Have you ever give it a go in a prom?

Well! This super sexy American actress Ashley Benson is suggesting to wear a free -way the in a prom. Who are interested?

Here is her twitter post.

This year, prom trends seem to take a good U-Turn. Crocs are really a thing these days. Teen are easily pulling off their crocs in their big day and look hot and cool at the same time. How nice is that? Ashley as already mentioned is really supporting the girls to wear their easy crocs and look fabulous and comfortable. For more visit Teenvogue

So who were wearing crocs in the big ‘prom’? If you've always wanted to pull off Crocs at prom (and win some cash), now's your chance. You are free to share your views regarding this attire idea below. Also, you can tell us what is best to wear in prom.

Here is an exclusive video where Ashley Benson Post a pic rocking your Crocs at prom with hashtag. You might like it.

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