AshLee Frazier, her ex-husband and their divorce.

April 4, 2016
First Published On: April 4, 2016
by HitBerry

Ashlee Frazier, the finalist of The Bachelor’s seventeenth season got married at an early age of 17. She was enormously in love with her high school sweetheart Andrew T. Barbarow. They were still in their teen age and in hurry they took the decision to be husband and wife.

But who knew that their irreconcilability would head their happy married life towards divorce? Frazier, who was treated like the princess by Barbarow ended up with divorce. Frazier reveals that they were separated in the mutual agreement. As the things were not going good in their married life the couple finalized their divorce on August 3rd, 1999 after the 17 months of their marriage. They did not had any children.

Both were young and making a wrong decision of their life. Like other teenagers, the ex-couple went through a bad decision of their life which was their marriage. They converted their teenage attraction into a big relation “marriage” without knowing what the consequences could be.

But Frazier wants to think it as a bad dream. And also the lesson from which she learnt about the love and married life. Now she has said, her second marriage would not be based on attraction and would choose a better guy for the long lasting relation.

We are happy at least Frazier got to learn something from her first and early marriage and those immature feelings.

Frazier’s father agreed for her wedding in such an early age too because he felt like if he did not let her married then maybe there would be some choices made that would not be the best choices. But if the old lad had already known that her daughter’s first choice is actually not the best choice then he would not have allowed Frazier to marry. Nobody could see the future, similarly, they did not too.

After the blunder mistake in her life, Frazier started working hard to establish her. She is now a personal organizer from Houston, TX. After being in the 3rd position of the TV reality The Bachelor, she was able to capture the heart of Sean Lowe.

We are still in the dim light whether Lowe and Frazier is girlfriend and boyfriend in real or not? Are they officially dating? They might be or might not be, if they have found their soul mate in each other then we would soon hear the news about their affair.

You people should keep calm as the current relationship status of gorgeous diva Frazier is single.

35 years old beautiful Frazier is still working hard to get established. She is gorgeous enough to be the actress in movies and TV shows but she does not seem to be interested in this field. Net worth of personal organizer Frazier has not been disclosed yet.

Well! We wish Frazier a good luck for her both professional and personal life.