Arsene Wenger writes touching letter to wife and family of lifelong Arsenal fan, James Cook

July 31, 2015
First Published On: July 31, 2015
by HitBerry

With all the works he has in his hand, from finalizing his team for the upcoming Premier League season, to scouting for possible recruits, Arsene Wenger managed to take some time to pen a open letter to one of the club fan John Cook's widow. 

Apparently a life-long Gunners supporter, John cook died back in March after battling pneumonia. However after two months of his death, his family were shocked to receive a letter, from the legendary manager Wenger himself. The manager, who has now reached the age 65, found out about the death after an interpreter for Premier League clubs was contacted by John’s son Dean. Wenger expressed his condolences in the letter and on behalf of the entire chub, urged John’s family to stay strong. The letter has apparently been framed. Cook was a lifetime supporter for the club and turns out had briefly worked for West Ham United. John’s wife said about the letter. 

“It was really nice. I was quite shocked to receive it – I was taken aback. John was a lifelong fan – he had always supported Arsenal. At one point he worked for West Ham, but he still supported Arsenal. It is nice to hear someone who is a popular name doing something like this.’

Wenger is currently quite busy with the preparations for the upcoming season of the Premier League as he looks set to fight for the silverware. With the acquisition of veteran goalkeeper Petr Cech, Arsenal looks set to atone their inability to win the English league since their record winning campaign in 2003. The Frenchmen looks set as he is confident that his side can challenge the likes of previous winner Chelsea, Man City and Manchester United. 

Fans were glad after it was revealed that the club had signed Cech from Chelsea. Defence remains a frailty for the Gunners and since the English goalkeeper Seamen, Arsenal have failed to get hold of a top-notch goalkeeper. With the acquisition of Cech, Arsenal have a goalie with more than a decade of premier league experience and is considered one of the finest goalkeepers of his generation. With the blistering pace of Sanchez and Walcott, vision of German midfield Ozil and the sturdy height of Mertesacker, Arsenal looks a formidable team.

Always seen standing on the sidelines, dressed in coat and tie, he is married to Annie Brosterhou. His wife is a former basketball player and they have a daughter together. One of the highest paid managers in the league with a salary reaching 9 million pounds, the Frenchmen apparently loves singing. While we are unaware of his musical side, Wenger can be considered one of the finest managers in the world. After a successful career at Monaco, Wenger moved to Arsenal where he has established himself as a prominent figure. Much like Ferguson for United, Wenger is one of the longest serving managers in the league. With many feuds in his managerial history, his rivalry with Mourinho is another interesting affair. Both the two passed several snide remarks-which was usually headline quotes for football memes, last season and we can expect to see the rivalry this year as well.