Arizona Cardinals football player Jermaine Gresham, age 27, frequently absent at team practices

Jermaine Gresham, the Arizona Cardinals star, has been getting complacent in his training. Over the past month, he has frequently missed team practices stirring up concerns from the management.

However, the Cardinals coaches have backed Jermaine’s absence, stating that his recent knee injury has kept him away from team practice, not his complacent attitude. Jermaine got injured on December the 6th in a game the Cardinals won comfortably over the Rams.

He sustained an injury to his left knee which made it impossible for him to attend the practice next week. However, after going on to miss two more weeks of practice, the management felt that he was using his injury to overshadow his laid back and complacent attitude.

But the team’s physiotherapists have said it is best that Jermaine is sidelined for another two weeks so that he can have a full recovery. Bringing him back this early could further increase his chances of injury as his knee needs more time to heal, given the awkward collision it sustained while impact took place.

The coaches have also said that when Jermaine has made full recovery, he will be making a return to the team. In fact, as a player, he has not shown any complacency in attitude. Rather, he cannot wait to get back on the field to play football.

They have also indicated how much Jermaine is missed on the pitch. They know his value as a vital player for the team and are working with him to get him back on the pitch as fast as they can.

Jermaine’s team, the Arizona Cardinals, have done better than they expected this season so far and hope to achieve greater heights come 2016. Jermaine also has one of the most impressive stats in the current Cardinals squad.

His stats in receiving have been 295 and he has completed a total of 2,909 yards which, taken on an average, is 9.8 per game. He has also had 25 touchdowns so far in his career with a total of 55 long passes played which clearly makes him the best player in the rooster for this season.

Jermaine’s biggest contract signing of his career was for his previous team, Cincinnati Bengals, with whom he had signed a five year contract for $15.85 million. His recent contract with the Arizona Cardinals is only for a year for an undisclosed fee.

Jermaine is just 27 years of age and has plans to play pro football well into his late thirties. His height is 6 feet 5 inches making him one of the biggest tail-ends in the game at the moment.

Jermaine is also a very popular figure on social media and is one of the most followed players from the Arizona Cardinal’s team, especially on Twitter. He has an estimated 1.2 million followers across all social media platforms.