Arik Weinstein: Ex-husband of supermodel Bar Refaeli. What's he doing now? Where is he?

HitBerryPublished on   25 Sep, 2016Updated on   25 Sep, 2016

Arik Weinstein, believed to be an Air craft mechanic; he was married to one of the beautiful faces in the entire world, Bar Refaeli.

Sources believe that they were family friends and they knew each other from the very beginning. But they had to file a divorce because of some personal issues. On the contrary, we know that Bar Refaeli is still into her modeling thing and busy with her own schedule. But the question is, what is Arik Weinsten doing these days? And where is he?

What is Arik Weinstein doing now?

Arik Weinstein is working as an Air craft mechanic at present. During the year 1998 to 2000, he worked as a contract mechanic for ‘A&P MechAts’. In February of 2012, he started serving as an air craft mechanic for the international company known as ‘Bombardier’. 

Arik Weinstein

Arik Weinstein

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Who is Arik Weinstein?

Arik is mostly popular for being the husband of one of the top models in the whole world, Bar Refaeli. Though the couple weren’t able to last their relationship for a long period, it was nearly enough for him to gain popularity. As a matter of fact, nobody actually knew him before he dated Refaeli. But now, he is popular, not as much as Refaeli, but I would say, he kinda is. 

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Arik Weinstein and Bar Refaeli

The pair married in 2003. And after living together for 2 whole years; in 2005, they had to file a divorce and part their ways. After Arik, it is believed that Bar Refaeli started going out with ‘Leonardo Dicaprio’ after they met at a party in Las Vegas.

Sources believe, Refaeli married Arik in order to avoid the army service in Israel Defense Forces. After crossing the age of 18, it’s a compulsion in Israel that they need to join the army. So, to make sure that she didn’t have to join the army force, Refaeli married Arik Weinstein. It might not be 100% accurate, but that is how people perceive their relationship.

Bar Refaeli and Adi Ezra

Rafaeli and Adi Ezra married in September, 2015. And they welcomed their first daughter ‘Live’ at the ‘Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel. By occupation, Ezra is a Chief Business Development officer for ‘Neto’. They began dating since 2012 and got engaged in March of 2012. Later in the year 2015 in September, they got married at the ‘Beresheet Hotel’. Together, they went on a vacation to Barcelona, Spain; in May.

Bar Refaeli and Adi Ezra

Bar Refaeli and Adi Ezra 


Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli isn an Israeli actress, a model, businesswoman and a TV host. She is one of the top successful international models who come from Israel. As per ‘Forbes’; in 2014, Bar was the highest paid model in Israel, alongside ‘Gal Gadot’, ‘Shlomit Malka’ and ‘Esti Ginzburg’. 

Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli

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She was born on 4th of June, 1985; in Hod HaSharon, Israel. Speaking of her height, she stands 5 feet and 8.9 inches tall, making her incredibly sexy and perfectly toned. In 2000, she won the ‘Model of the Year’ and played conspicuously in operations for the fashion varieties called ‘Pilpel’ and ‘Castro’. 

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