Arielle Kebbel's Love Stories: Navigating Through Her Fascinating Dating History

Arielle Kebbel is a well-known actress famous for her roles in movies and TV shows like "John Tucker Must Die," "Aquamarine," "The Uninvited," "9-1-1," and "Gilmore Girls." 

Despite her popularity, Arielle prefers to keep her personal life private. Especially, when it comes to her romantic relationships. She is currently single and hasn't shared much about her love life.

Kebbel's Relationship Status

Arielle Kebbel is currently single and seems to be focusing on her work and career. She hasn't shared much about her personal life, including whether she's actively looking to be in a relationship. 


Arielle Kebbel with a Mustang SOURCE: Instagram @ariellekebbel

Instead, Kebbel appears to be dedicated to her craft. While fans may wonder about her romantic life, her priority seems to be on her professional endeavors at the moment.

Past Relationship And Rumors

Arielle's Last Boyfriend

Kebbel's last known boyfriend was from Brooklyn. Their relationship began in 2020 when they met in New York while she was filming for six months. 

The mysterious fellow and Arielle had been seeing each other for over three months before she made their relationship Instagram official. In the photo she posted, he stood behind her and lovingly kissed her on the cheek, and her caption was filled with heart emojis, indicating her affection. 

However, since then, Arielle has deleted the picture. Not much else is known about their relationship. Despite fans' curiosity, she has chosen to keep the details of her romantic life private.

Nic Roldan

There have been rumors swirling around suggesting that American polo player Nic Roldan may have been romantically involved with Kebbel. These rumors suggest that they might have dated from December 2017 to 2019. 


Arielle Kebbel's rumored ex-partner, Nic Roldan SOURCE: Instagram @nicroldan

While Kebbel and Roldan were spotted together a few times, it remains unclear if they were actually in a romantic relationship. Both of them have not confirmed or denied these rumors, leaving fans curious.

Aaron Bay-Schuck

Back in 2012, Kebbel was in a relationship with a man named Aaron Bay-Schuck, as mentioned in an article from Distractify. They were introduced by mutual friends. Their romance blossomed quickly, but after nearly two years together, they decided to part ways. 

Aaron serves as the CEO and Co-Chairman of Warner Records. He and Arielle kept their relationship relatively private, so not much is known about their time together or the reasons behind their breakup. 

Kevin Connolly

In 2010, dating rumors swirled around Arielle Kebbel and Kevin Connolly. They were spotted together on several occasions. Despite the speculation, neither of them confirmed their relationship status publicly. 

However, Kebbel and Connolly's frequent sightings together fueled the gossip mill. They were seen attending an art exhibit together and leaving a nightclub in West Hollywood side by side. Paparazzi also captured photos of them out and about in Los Angeles.

Interestingly, it's assumed that Arielle and Kevin first crossed paths while working on the hit TV series "Entourage." She made an appearance as the character Layla during the show's inaugural episode in the year Rachael Leigh Cook married Daniel Gillies, i.e., in 2004. Whether their interactions stemmed from their professional ties or blossomed into something more remains a mystery to the public.

Brahman Turner

Sheri Kebbel's daughter was romantically involved with producer Brahman Turner from March 2004 to September 2006. Their relationship lasted just over two years, during which they kept a relatively low profile. 

Despite the lack of information about their time together, Kebbel and Turner were seen together at a few public events. One notable occasion was the Vegas Magazine third anniversary party, where they made an appearance as a couple. Additionally, they were spotted together at the Los Angeles premiere of "A Love Song for Bobby Long." 


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