Are Sophie Lowe and her boyfriend John-Henry getting married anytime soon?

April 14, 2016
First published on:April 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Sophie Lowe, an English-born Australian girl with multiple talents who is an actress, singer, and the songwriter. She was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire and moved to Australia with her family in 2000.

 Beautiful Lowe at her teens showed her interest in modeling and signed to Chadwick Models as she was gorgeous with a tall height of 5 feet 7 inches. But later she quit modeling in favor of acting.

Lowe started her acting with the roles in short movies. Her first lead role was in the short movie Kindle as Hayley; Mirage, which was screened at the Montreal Film Festival. And before her graduation from The McDonald College in 2008, she performed in numbers of advertisements.

Lowe’s first significant role was as the lead, Kate, in Beautiful Kate released in 2009. She was nominated for an AFI Award for Best Lead Actress for the same movie. A great achievement for a newcomer!

Following year, her thriller movie Blame was released. The movie was screened and received privilege at Cannes Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, the 35th Toronto International Film Festival, the 47th Chicago International Film Festival and Buenos International Film Festival of Independent Cinema. And the movie was much enjoyed and appreciated by audiences.

So to take a note about Lowe’s personal life she is in a long-term relationship with John-Henry Pajak. The commencing date of their relationship is still blurred but Pajak is being known as her boyfriend since a long time. She has been appearing in many functions with Pajak and we can see the pictures of the couple in Lowe’s official twitter and Instagram.

The lovebird might be getting married in the near future. We are much eager to see Lowe and Pajak and husband and wife soon. Their love affair, dating, and romance is going smoothly. Well! We want to forward Lowe and Pajak our good wishes for their love life.

Splendid actress Lowe has been portraying her every complex character with her youthful innocence. Whether it’s a teen or a school girl or a daughter she balances her every role and it is mesmerizing to watch her.

Lowe is a charmingly honest girl with sweetness and lightness inside her and loves giggling. In an interview, she has stated that she loves challenging herself. And her co-stars confirm that she is magnetic.

Gorgeous Lowe is interested in singing too. In her free time, she loves playing music and singing songs. But she has acknowledged that she won’t give up acting for the sake of her promising musical career as acting is her life.

Lowe had her prominent role in the TV shows like The Slap, once Upon a Time In Wonderland, The Returned and The Beautiful Lie.  

Now Lowe has a net worth of $5,000,000.

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